March 12th Grooming Report--Good Day for the Woods!

March 12th Grooming Report

Good Day for the Woods!

The wind is blustery today at Trail Creek, blasting down the canyon and moving snow in a quite steady stream across the fields.  But the sun is shining, and the temps are around 40ºF, so in spite of this Chinook day, there are still many opportunities for a great ski!

The Husky was hard at work today, covering nearly every trail.  Multiple passes with classic tracks happened on the close field and on Homesite and Suicide with single passes everywhere else.  On the everywhere else section, fresh classic tracks were placed where they had drifted over and on the narrower trail sections.  It’s actually not drifting too badly as the snow is pretty well stuck, so the fields should skate fine and could become nice if the wind drops.

It looks like a lovely day in Minneapolis at the final day of Nordic racing which is freestyle relay today at the national championships which are currently in progress.  Click on this link to follow the live stream and you can also click on the results page to see how our team has been placing in this national competition.  Yesterday’s classic distance races resulted in quite a few top 10 finishes.

Finally one of or skiers sent in an image of an elk skull next to some canid tracks on one of our trails.  The section in which the tracks are located rarely gets any (illegal) dog traffic, and based on the size, is probably a wolf.  Thanks for the very cool image!  Those of you tempted to venture out on solo moonlight skis (not really allowed) might want to think twice.

Groomer’s choice for today is Homesite.