JHSC Core Values

Building Champions in Sport & Life since 1938!

The Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club focuses on five core values that define the culture of the JHSC and the character development fostered in the athletes. These values are not just words; rather, they drive decisions and actions in both sport and life at every level, from the leadership of the Club to the coaches, the parents, the athletes, and how the Club is represented in the community.

Each month, during the winter season, we focus on one value in our training and Clubwide programming. Club coaching and leadership staff make nominations of student-athletes who exemplify these values, and we grant the Value of the Month Award to one person at the elementary-, middle-, and high-school levels of each of our four sport programs. 

You can see each month's winners for the current season featured on a banner at the base of our stairwell in the Snow King Center. 


Fun is what sustains all our efforts. Research clearly states that fun is what is most important in youth sport (and too often overlooked). This is also what top World Cup athletes point to as the primary factor in sustaining their success. This value is expressed in many forms, including pure joy and mutual enjoyment of the sport. Fun also provides the motivation to recover from injury and commit to the more grueling aspects of pursuing our goals. Fun is about enjoying the entire community of the Club and being with others who share all the excitement of skiing and snowboarding.


A lot is asked of our student-athletes, our parents, our coaches, and staff. Each individual’s commitment to their personal role, responsibilities, and goals strengthens not only each individual but the Club as a whole. We often say, “You will get out what you put in,” and understanding this value applies to all aspects of sport and life. Commitment is about taking a holistic approach to sport, paying attention to all the domains of training, mental and physical fitness, academics, and doing what it takes to be the best athlete, person, citizen, and Club possible. From a Club standpoint, JHSC is committed to the overall safety and well being of every athlete and the inclusivity that is core to our mission—ensuring access to our programs for every child in the community.

No one can do it alone! Teamwork represents all the ways, both big and small, that we work together and communicate in order to accomplish things far greater than we could accomplish alone. Supporting the success of others is as important as our own success. This is evidenced by our actions and daily practices, and understanding their effects on others.

This value extends far beyond the Club and sport and includes how we represent ourselves, our families, our teammates, and our Club no matter where we are. We are always fair, respectful, humble in victory, and gracious in defeat. We treat others, including volunteers and officials, the way we want to be treated. This value demands a commitment to zero tolerance for any form of discrimination, the elimination of gender stereotypes in sport, and fostering the safest and most effective environment for the social, emotional, and physical development of all participants.  

Competition is about learning to perform rather than focusing on results. This involves the whole process of preparation as both an athlete and a person. The greatest competitor is one who is best prepared for anything. A true competitive spirit is shown in exhibiting the ability to perform—on-demand, when it counts—and incorporating all that has been learned. Competition as a value is more about the behaviors and attitudes that lead to doing one’s best and reaching one’s highest potential than outcomes or results.