Concussion Policy

In-House Concussion Testing, Fall 2020

JHSC requires all athletes born in 2008 or before (U14 and older)--and strongly recommends for all athletes--to participate in an approved pre-concussion assessment prior to on-snow training each season. The Club partners with Teton Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation to administer a comprehensive concussion baseline screening, including several King-Devick and Woodcock-Johnson tests, on several dates in the fall at the JHSC offices. Concussion testing takes about 15 minutes per athlete.

Fall 2020 Testing Dates

October 7 from 4:30 to 7:30

November 4 from 4:30 to 7:30

If you (or your athlete) cannot complete baseline test on these dates, please contact the Student-Athlete Support Director to find an alternative.

Baseline Testing Verification ​

Concussion baseline testing is required on an annual basis, so all athletes must re-rest each year. If athletes have done the basic "sideline" King-Devick test with their teams this fall, they do not need to re-test that specific test, but they do need to come to the testing night to test in the other three areas. Exceptions include another comprehensive test, like IMPACT. If you have completed a comprehensive concussion baseline test, fill out the "Concussion Verification Form" linked below.



If injured: 

Youth Concussion Information: Signs, Symptoms, and Information about Concussions

Head Injury Protocol: A flow chart for athletes, indicating the progression from injury to returning to play​

JHSC Injury Procedures: What is expected of Parents, Coaches, and Admin when injury occurs

Local Physical Therapist Partners: A list of therapists who specialize in concussions


JHSC Concussion Policy: Revised September 2018

Youth Concussion Protocol: Watershed Jackson's Youth Concussion Protocol

Concussion Baseline Testing: A list of the tests performed at the JHSC In-House Concussion Baseline Screening


Find out more about the King-Devick system at and Watershed Jackson at

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