Nordic - Teewinot Team

We offer the Teewinot program to skiers of all ability levels; from the first time beginner to the future racer. Our goal is developing each individual's skiing skills to maximize their athletic potential while having a terrific time on skis. We introduce aspects of Skate and Classic technique and basic training and conditioning, as well as a general appreciation of and respect for the Nordic environment.  You can either choose a Monday/Wednesday group or a Tuesday/Thursday group.   For Teewinot families who would like more time on skis during the winter season, a December Teewinot add-on option is available.  

This program is the first step towards participating in competition. Participants are welcome and encouraged to race in local races. Athletes are arranged in groups based on skill, speed, and social needs. 

Skill Development Focus

Focus on proper body position, balance, and technique through ski play; Understanding the importance of teamwork and fair play; Participating in a wide variety of sports to develop balance, agility, general strength, flexibility, and speed; Understanding the importance of ski ties!!

Recommended for grades 2-3



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