U14 Team

The U14 Program emphasizes ski racing technique and tactics while continuing to develop basic technical skills. Groups split their time between all-mountain skiing, drills, and gate training. Free-skiing will continue to be a critical avenue for delivery and practice of fundamental skiing skills, and technical development. Athletes will develop the technical and tactical skills of Giant Slalom, and Slalom and will be introduced to Super G.  This program includes a physical conditioning component in the fall and weekly on-snow video sessions. For training purposes athletes will often be arranged in groups of 5-7 athletes per coach to facilitate a productive learning environment, groups are dynamic but are generally based on skill, speed, and social needs.  

Age for 2021-22 Winter Season

Born 2008-2009

Skill Development Focus

  • All-mountain skiing
  • Hill safety
  • Work on balance, coordination, movement, and athletic stance on skis. Goal is that athletes can ski ALL terrains and ALL courses and ALL disciplines with adequate technique. Athletes should be adequate at general stance, carving, usage of upper and lower body separation, usage of all four edges, cross blocking, maintain snow contact, and pole plant. They should, but still with coaches help be adequate with course inspection, line choices, etc. They should be getting better at weight transfer, maintain turn shape, gliding, aerodynamics, jumping, and self-feedback. Starting to utilize tip pressure at start of the turn and control pressure thru the whole turn.
  • Increased focus on competition and racing, while continuing to develop a lifelong passion and mastery of the sport of skiing.

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01/06/2022 - 6:55am
Happy New Year!!!
12/03/2021 - 7:23am
We are on snow!!! JHSC U14, U16 and FIS teams skiing at Loveland in Early November
11/03/2021 - 7:18am
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