Pica's Margarita Cup - Locals' Adult Race League


CLICK HERE for Race 1 Photos by Jonathan Selkowitz (selkophoto.com)

Event Info


The "Marg Cup" is a fun and social, locals' race league with a competitive spirit. Skiers and snowboarders of all abilities are welcome to race for the Cup.  The scoring has been designed to give even novice racers the ability to earn a high score and help their team win.  Racers enjoy professional race courses, weekly raffles, Pica's margaritas & tacos, and just the right amount of friendly trash talking.

The six-person teams can register as a self-sponsored team or as a business-sponsored team.  THE BUSINESS CLASS provides a friendly arena for local businesses to compete against one another while supporting a great organization: 100% of the entry fees will go to the JHSC.

THE BUSINESS CLASS entry fee is $700. That small investment in the JHSC gets your business sponsored team entry into the 5-race series.

The winning BUSINESS CLASS team will be featured prominently on a plaque in Pica’s Taqueria, which will also house the winning team members’ margarita cups for one year. The winning members’ esteemed margarita cups are 30% larger and members will receive 4 free margaritas in their new cups. (Do the math to figure out how many 30% larger margaritas you need to consume to break even on your $700 entry fee.)

THE SELF SPONSORED CLASS entry is $500, which amounts to $100 per race, and as low as $16.67 per person, per race. Late registration fees increase 10% after 1/10, and 15% dy-of on 1/14. 

If the self sponsored team wins OVERALL, they will not be eligible for the margaritas from Pica's, but they will win a $1,500 credit to Stio (which amounts to $250 per person for a six person team!)

Racer tickets $30 with Marg Cup bib sticker


  1. January 14 - Dual GS
  2. January 28 -  Giant Slalom
  3. February 11 - Super G -POSTPONED TO 3/18
  4. February 25 - Giant Slalom -CANCELLED
  5. March 4 -  Dual GS



You may have noticed a big, colorful contraption at last night's Marg Cup - it's our indoor dunk tank.  It works just like a regular dunk tank, except the water is dropped onto the person.  We're including it at the Marg Cup to add a little fun, consequence, and prizes to any side bets. Here's how it works:

  • Two racers make a side bet to see who of the two will have the fastest time of the evening.
    • Racers can be on the same, or different teams.
  • After each racer's runs, the person with the fastest time has the honor of being the "thrower." 
    • The person with the slower time gets in the splash chamber.
  • Thrower gets 4 balls, must throw from behind the line.
    • Person in the splash chamber can wear their Gore Tex... or not.
  • Balls get thrown after 6:30 and before the evening's final raffle.
  • Maximum of 6 side bets per race.
  • Sign up on the sheet next to the dunk tank before taking your runs.
    • Each person who signs up for the challenge (and stays 'till the bet is settled) will receive 10 extra raffle tickets AND a Melvin beer!
    • Raffle tickets will be included in each race's raffle for remainder of the season, including final raffle for Blizzard Skis & Tecnica Boots on Mar 4 (must be present to win).
  • Each person must agree to the bet. 
    • If you write in someone's name and they haven't agreed to the bet, your name gets taken out of that night's raffle.


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