Nordic - Prep Team

The Prep Team helps foster U16 athletes from the Junior Team onto the Comp Team. This team provides a more focused training plan that not only better fits the athletes' biological age but also helps develop athletes so they will be ready and more capable of handling the training demands and level of commitment that is required to be on the Comp Team. 

The Prep team will train with the Comp Team 3-4 days a week in the summer and fall and 5 days in the winter.  More often than not the Prep Team will remain autonomous on Comp Team high volume training days. Technique will be a major focus, but placing emphasis on endurance, strength, and speed will take priority as well. Training is more based on individual needs and personal goals. We are aiming to help athletes assess where they currently stand, and from there develop a plan that best suits their progression onto the Comp Team. 

Skill Development Focus

  • Focus on effectively executing efficient energy application.

  • Understand and use the setting of three levels of goals; process, performance, outcome.

  • Effectively use imagery, focus, goal setting, and planning to achieve improving results.

  • Begin to specialize & focus more on ski-specific training.

  • Development of speed

  • Begin to understand basic training periodization & focusing on different aspects of such throughout the season.

  • Understand the basic techniques for waxing both Skate & Classic skis for training/racing & the importance of waxing regularly; Becoming more capable of choosing waxes for the conditions.


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