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Alpine Race Results 2013-14

Alpine Summer Camps 2014

Western Region U16 Championships (March 19-23)

Alpine Program Philosophy

It is the goal of the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club to foster a lifelong passion for winter sports and an active outdoor lifestyle. The JHSC Alpine Program strives to provide a program dedicated to achievement in the sport of skiing and ski racing, while concurrently developing the skills associated with success in all endeavors: goal setting, discipline, sportsmanship, work ethic, determination, and commitment.

All-mountain skiing ability, mountain safety, and FUN, are the foremost objectives of the Alpine Program. At the same time we provide a proven pathway to elite-level racing and achievement. The JHSC Alpine Program has cultivated countless outstanding athletes, and has helped them to reach personal goals in fitness, competition, and in the development of life skills. JHSC athletes have succeeded at every echelon from local entry-level races, to collegiate competition and scholarships, to international World Cup and Olympic competition.

In existence for over 70 years the Jackson Hole Ski and Snowboard Club's Alpine Program offers a distinguished ski program for the Jackson area, and works hard to provide the best opportunity for all of our athletes utilizing the incomparable mountains and community of Jackson.

2013/14 JHSC Alpine Awards

U12 - Most Improved Female - Carey Ritter

U12 - Most Improved Male - Mary Clancy

U12 - Female Sportsmanship - Keith Ryan

U12 - Male Sportsmanship - Joshua Machuca

U12 - Female Skier of the Year - Annaliese Fleck

U12 - Male Skier of the Year - Oliver Parazette

U14 - Most Improved Female - Ashley Orsillo

U14 - Most Improved Male - Will Walker

U14 - Female Sportsmanship - Abby Walker

U14 - Male Sportsmanship - Wyatt Doyle

U14 - Female Skier of the Year - Ellie Dunn

U14 - Male Skier of the Year - Holden Parazette

December Skier of the Month - Devan Lamere

January Skier of the Month - Chris Denis

February Skier of the Month - Henry Hakoshima

March Skier of the Month - Trevor Rizzotti

April Skier of the Month - Mari Hanson

KC (Kenny Corrock) Stud of the Year - Casey Dowson

Most Improved Skier - SJ Huser

Sportsmanship Award - Hannah Clancy

JHSC Skier of the Year - Graham Black



JHSC Alum and current US Team member Resi Stiegler. Selko Photo.
J3s at the start in Snowbasin
Sunny day and smiles, training at Snow King