Gravirax was founded with the intent of making a common mountain lifestyle headache a little friendlier. Do we need to climb on top of our car or SUV to get ski gear? What if you could do this from the comfort and safety of the ground, curbside service even?

So we worked out a simple design to carry our ski gear around town and teamed up with a talented fabrication shop in the US of A to take our sketches to physical reality. Our friends saw what we were up to and most of them wanted one too, when you see it, it just works, so we filed the forms, dotted the i's, and crossed the t's as they say and now this business is an entity.

We are mountain dwellers, big and little mountain skiers, maybe just like you. We hope that you love our products and find the things we make useful and long-lasting. If you have anything to chat about please reach out, it would be our pleasure to speak with you.