Work Deposit Requirements

Work deposit and volunteer status for the 2023/2024 winter season:

What is Work Deposit?

To ensure the success of its programs, JHSC requires that parents participate in the Work Deposit Program to assist with JHSC competitions and fundraising events. Parents with athletes participating in JHSC programs will commit to work the Work Deposit requirement or elect to pay the Work Deposit requirement at registration at the rate of $50/point. This involvement is a great way for parents to learn more about ski & snowboard competition as well as contributing to the success of the Club.

Why does the Club host competitions and fundraising events?

The Club hosts numerous junior competitions and fundraising events throughout the season.  The junior competitions allow kids a home field advantage and the opportunity to compete without traveling, thereby reducing travel expenses for our families.  Fundraising events allow the Club to help cover the operational costs of the Club that are not covered by program fees.  Annually, the Club must raise about 50% of our operating expenses, around $1.5 million, to keep our programs running.

How do I sign up for a shift?

Parents, or volunteers 18 years or older, will sign up for volunteer shifts for JHSC events as they become available.  View our full calendar of events. The JHSC Volunteer Coordinator or Event Coordinator will email those signed up for the event during the week prior to the event. Volunteers are required to sign in on the day of event. The JHSC Volunteer Coordinator will record all volunteer hours and keep a log of the number of shifts worked. In April, JHSC  posts the Work Deposit Log (see above), reporting the status of all families' commitments. All remaining work deposit balances will be billed $50/point at that time. 

How many points will my family need to complete?

Families with more than one athlete participating in JHSC programs who opt to volunteer will be responsible for the work deposit points of the program with the highest commitment and eight additional points per child, with a maximum due of 40 points (effective 23-24 season).  For example, Family A's children participate in Alpine U16 (24 points), Junior Nordic (24 points) and Snowboard Shredders (8 points).  Family A's obligation would be 40 points. Families with more than one athlete participating in JHSC programs who opt to pay their work deposit will pay the full value of the work deposit for each child. In the above example, the obligation would be 24+24+8=56 points @ $50/point = $2,800)

When an athlete participates in more than one program, families who opt to volunteer will only be responsible for the Work Deposit requirement of the program with the highest commitment.  In this scenario, families who opt to pay will pay the full value of the work deposit for each program. 
Program Points Required
Alpine - 2 Day Race Team 8
Alpine - U 10 16
Alpine - U 12 16
Alpine - U12 part time on snow 16
Alpine - U 14 24
Alpine - U14 part time on snow 24
Alpine - U 16 24
Alpine - U 19/21 (FIS & PG) 32
Nordic - Teewinot 8
Nordic - Development 16
Nordic - Jr. Nordic 24
Nordic - Prep Team (winter or full year) 24
Nordic - Comp Team (winter or full year) 24
Freeride - Shredders 8
Freeride - Progression 8
Freeride - Progression Plus  16
Freeride - Competition  24
4 Month Backcountry program 8