Parent and Athlete Education Series

Winter 2022 Events


Fall 2021

Event Recordings:

Lexie's presentation HERE (passcode for recording: 1G+Ma*Rn) and her slides HERE

Travis' and Jeff's presentations HERE. Zoom passcode for recording: Kr+%2Z?=


Winter 2019-20

February 18: “Preparing for College: Application Process and Standardized Tests” presented by David Heinemann / Jackson Hole Community School and Michelle Sirois / Expert Standardized Test Tutor

David's Presentation: College Counseling Basics

Michelle's Presentation: Demystifying the SAT & ACT

February 25: “College and Career Pathways” presented by a panel of JHSC Coaches and Staff

  • Different types of careers in skiing and snowboarding
  • How to contact coaches and various types of college experiences
  • Overcoming challenges 
  • Advice to up-and-coming athletes:
    • “Keep it fun.” Brittney Ziebell (Alpine)
    • “There is always someone working harder.” Jesse Knori (Nordic)
    • “Doesn’t Matter where you finish; it matters who you are at the finish line.” Brenna Huckaby (Freeride)

March 3: “Empowering Youth to Make Better Decisions about Substance Use” presented by Heather Franklin / Curran Seeley Foundation

Check out Heather's Presentation here

Read JHSC Alum Forrest Jillson's reasons for staying sober here

Fall 2019

November 4: "Building Champions in Sport and Life: Blending Core Values, Athletic Excellence, and Long-term Athlete Development" presented by Brian Krill / JHSC Executive Director

See Brian's presentation here

November 20: “The Winning Athlete” presented by Francine Bartlett and Jenny Collins / Medicine Wheel Wellness

View the outline of the presentation here

December 9: “Supporting Balance: Athletics and Academics” presented by Ellie Finnegan / Teton Behavior Therapy

Get the notes from the presentation here


07/29/2022 - 5:42pm
Achieving Balance
04/28/2022 - 12:20pm
  And that’s a Wrap on Winter! Event Results:
04/01/2022 - 10:53am
In March, JHSC honors the Value of Competition. We focus not just on the act of competing but on the growth that results from the entire process of preparation—as an athlete and a person—to be equipped to perform at whatever one chooses.