Nordic - Junior Team

The Junior Team trains three days a week throughout the season and is designed for motivated athletes at the age of 11-14. Newcomers to the sport with a strong athletic background are regularly invited to participate. Training focuses on technique, development of an endurance base with some speed work, learning about ski waxing, and continuing to have fun. These athletes will be encouraged to compete locally and regionally at Intermountain U.S. Ski & Snowboard Races around the region and start traveling with the team to these events.  Our objective is to solidify these athletes’ skiing, training, and competition skills while building the discipline, drive, balance, and determination for them to succeed inside or outside the realm of ski competition.  Juniors who display a high level of commitment and determination may inquire with the Program Director about joining the Prep team on Tuesdays as a part of the Junior Hybrid Program.  

This program is full

Skill Development Focus

  • Assess and train balance skills 

  • Basic Athletic Stance

  • Physical Control, momentum through weight shift

  • Focus on the basic motions for both skate & classic skiing

  • Goal setting to plan and execute performance

  • Introduction of ski-specific strength and endurance training while encouraging participation in multiple sports

  • Basic techniques for waxing both Skate & Classic skis for training & racing.

Recommended for grades 6 - 8

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