International Spring Series

March 30, 2024


Event Info

Welcome all to 2024 International Spring Series!  This series is going to be a fun last hurrah for everyone who wants to keep racing through the end of the season.  The races will feature a variety of nontraditional formats that will engage everyone and provide for shorter, faster, more fun racing for all comers.  The race schedule can be found below:

Jackson Hole: 

3/30      Individual Skate Sprint    Qualifier and Heats   

3/31      Team Relay  Mixed Gender Mixed Technique (4x5k)

4/1        Individual Classic Start   (10k)

FIS Calendar information for JH can be found HERE.


Sun Valley:

4/4        One Day Pursuit   AM: Classic Individual Distance   PM: Freestyle Pursuit Start  ( 3 lanes)  (2 x 5k)

4/5        Team Classic Sprint at Dollar Mtn      AM: Individual Qualifier:    PM: Flights of 15 Teams per Heat 

4/6        Mass Start Skate Distance  (10k)  (Point to Point with Finish at Galena)  

FIS Calendar information for SV can be found HERE.

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