Nordic Summer Training

Prep & Comp Teams

Nordic Summer Commitment Scholarship 

Under the governing body of USSA and as a founding member of the Intermountain division, the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club recognizes the relevance of staying active year round. Whether participating in another sport in the off-season or committing to the full-time year-round training program with the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club, year-round athletic development is becoming more of a standard for athletes at the Prep and Comp Team level. According to the USSA "Cross Country Training System" an athlete in phase 4 and 5 should be logging somewhere between 300 and 500 hrs of training per year.


In the sport of cross country skiing, it is widely understood that the summer and fall months are designated as training months and the winter months are reserved for focusing on speed, technique, and racing. Many athletes lose touch with the sport during the summer months or do not participate in cross training through other sports. We understand that involvement in other activities and sports is great for overall athletic development. We also see the value of staying in touch with technique work and more specific training as a Nordic athlete year round.

  • Three scholarships will be awarded to COMP team athletes

  • An athlete must participate in at least 30 summer training sessions

  • Athletes with the best attendance will be chosen first

Why summer training?

Reputable sources and training models suggest that 60-70% of the yearly training should be done before November when following a year-round hourly training plan. After November we tweak many of the things we worked on during the summer and focus on racing, technique, and maintaining our speed.

Who can participate?

Highly motivated athletes aged 14 and over are invited to the Prep & Comp Team under supervision and direction of U.S Ski & Snowboard certified JHSC coaches. These athletes have the opportunity to attend several summer training camps (on and off snow). Training is partially based on individual needs and is determined from physical testing, competition records, and personal goals.

How hard is it?

Much of the summer will be spent developing our base endurance through easy level 1-2 training. With that said, there is discussion and a trend of incorporating more interval and speed work with younger athletes. We have “test weeks” that include time trials on foot and on roller skis, and a strength test. During the test week, we find your training zones with heart rate monitors so you’re more able to follow the training plan. If you are reading this, you are more than capable of doing any of the workouts especially if you follow the recommendations below.  

What do you need?

  • running shoes

  • water pack

  • skate and classic poles with carbide tips – can get at Skinny Skis.

  • skate and classic boots

  • roller skis – can be borrowed from the club

  • bike helmet

Training Recommendations

Prep Team

  • For U16 athletes that will be Freshmen and some 8th graders 

  • Full-Time Year-Round – includes 3 days per week summer training with the team, fall training, and winter training. In the summer, Monday morning and evening, Wednesday morning and evening,  and Thursday. Athletes are also given recommendations for individual training for days away from the team.

  • Summer 3 days per week – This option suits an athlete that wants to reap all of the benefits of summer training, but they are involved in a fall sport and will be away from the team from late August until November. Athletes will be given a training plan that will also include individual training throughout the summer

Comp Team

Comp team athletes that are interested in training during the summer are required to register for the full-time year round option. The level of coaching and commitment at this phase involves a holistic, year round approach. Summer training will be held on Monday morning and evening, Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning and evening, Thursday morning, and some weekend days. We will hold a supplemental training day at Snow King on Friday morning at 8:30 a.m. for athletes that may have missed a session or need extra attention. 


Junior Team

Why summer training?

It is proven that establishing a foundation of overall physical fitness, strength, power, and endurance at a young age greatly contributes to physiological development. By focusing on fundamental motor skills and then introducing sport-specific movements we are better preparing young athletes to succeed as they grow into adulthood. Maintaining a team environment and building comradery through the summer will strengthen the Junior team and keep athletes connected with the sport. The activities will not be particularly strenuous and we will incorporate a lot of games and fun activities to keep things exciting. Training sessions will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays. Some activities will be in combination with the Prep/Comp team, but most of the training will be held separately. 

Who can participate?

Any athlete that was on the Development or Junior team for the previous winter's season.  Athletes that will be U16's or rising 9th graders and some 8th graders have been invited to the Prep Team.

What do you need?

  • Running shoes

  • Water bottle pack

  • Skate and classic poles with carbide tips – can get from Skinny Skis

  • Skate and classic boots

  • Roller skis – can be borrowed from the Club

  • Bike helmet 

Where is training?

We will have athletes meet at locations around the valley that are the safest and most effective for training that make the most of the time available.  These include Snow King, the Fish Hatchery, Alpine Fields, or Trail Creek.  

When is training?

8-10 AM, Mondays and Wednesdays June 17th - August 28th (during summer break) Follow the online calendar for up to date information.   Junior Team Calendar

How much does it cost?

$775 for the full summer, $50 per session for drop-in scheduling.  This can also be combined under the Junior Hybrid team.  

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