The JHSC is fortunate to have three endowments that ensure our financial security and our long-term sustainability of need- and merit-based scholarship awards for our athletes. Each endowment resides in perpetuity to allow accessible skiing and snowboarding opportunity to any child of Jackson or Teton County, WY, regardless of financial status.

To read about each endowment's legacy, access fundraising status, or donate, follow the links below.  Scroll down to review information on endowment goals.

Bill Campbell Legacy Endowment 

Special thanks to Bill’s wife, Faye Campbell, daughters Corrinda Campbell & Darcey Prichard, and son Bain Campbell.

Karen Oatey Scholarship Endowment

Special thanks to Karen's husband, Dave Landes, siblings Nancy McMillan, Gary Oatey & Bill Oatey, and the Oatey Foundation.

Betty Woolsey Olympian Endowment 

Special thanks to those who nominated and inducted Betty into the inaugural JHSC Hall of Fame, Class of 2014.

Endowment Goals: 

Bill Campbell Legacy Endowment -NEWLY FOUNDED IN 2020

  • Funds operational sustainability 
  • $1,000,000 goal, generating $40,000 annually for increasing operational expenses if needed (4% of endowment) 
  • JHSC aims to keep endowment untouched and in perpetuity for unseen financial circumstances
  • This endowment will need to reach $10,000,000 to cover 100% of annual operating expenses
  • We rely heavily on events and fundraising for this deficit
Karen Oatey Scholarship Endowment
  • Funds need-based scholarships
  • $1,000,000 goal, generating $40,000 annually for Athlete Financial Aid (4% of endowment)
  • $110,000 Financial Aid is awarded annually by JHSC
  • This endowment will need to reach $2,750,000 to cover 100% of annual need-base scholarships
  • We rely heavily on fundraising for this deficit

Betty Woolsey Olympian Endowment

  • Funds merit-based scholarships
  • $250,000 goal, generating $10,000 annually for merit-based athlete support (4% of endowment)
  • $4,750 was awarded in 2020 to outstanding athlete performances
  • We rely heavily on fundraising for this deficit