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The JHSC Student-Athlete Support Program has the ability to work closely with the Program Directors and coaches to offer guidance for student-athletes as they make their post-high school plans. In the Summer and Fall of the senior year, we meet with student-athletes to learn about their goals and explore colleges and sports programs that fit their athletic and academic goals, as well as campus life and geographical preferences.

Opportunities to Ski and Snowboard in College

  • The Skiing Pathways After High School chart provides an overview of the coaching and training, costs, age and typical USSA point requirements, and scope of alpine competition programs.
  • The following lists include the contact information and point averages for USCSA and NCAA Division I programs. 
  • For more information on the college eligibility process, see the NCAA Flowchart for Initial Eligibility to view credit and course requirements or visit the NCAA website ( to learn more about the specific Division I, II, and III academic requirements.  
  • The list of USCSA Colleges and Programs includes contact information for freeski and snowboard programs. 


As part of the USCSA National Championships, hosted by JHSC and Snow King Mountain Resort in March 2019, USCSA Executive Director Alec Tandara-Kuhns and a panel of member coaches and athletes hosted an information night for interested JHSC families and athletes. The overarching theme of the evening was that within the organization's 170+ member schools, there is a place for any athlete who wants to compete in snow sports in college. From funded, coached, varsity teams to student-led Clubs, and with teams that train 4-5 days/week and those that exclusively attend weekend competitions, the USCSA's 8-week season includes participation from a range of athletes across the United States. President Andrew Rangan emphasized the importance of team scoring in USCSA and the experience of community that develops for member athletes. For more information, please visit

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03/01/2023 - 10:30am
JHSC Core Values: Celebrating Sportsmanship, Honoring Competition
01/30/2023 - 4:27pm
January was a BUSY month for JHSC, with 19 days of hosted events, from FIS, IFSA, and USASA junior events to the first race of the Marg Cup Series fundraiser.
12/29/2022 - 12:21pm
January is the Month of TEAMWORK