JHSC Scholarship Program

The underlying objective of the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club is to provide an opportunity for community youth to develop their potential as skiers and snowboarders, and become champions in sport and life. The costs involved in skiing and snowboarding, and competing at the regional and national levels can be burdensome, and the JHSC Scholarship Program was established to help mitigate these costs. Scholarships are offered to offset both program tuition/fees and travel-related expenses. 

The primary JHSC Scholarship Program offers need-based scholarships, and awards are based on demonstrating financial need. As only a limited amount of scholarship funds are available, all athletes must pay a portion of their expenses. With need being the highest priority, the Scholarship Committee also requires that applicants can demonstrate a commitment to academics and success in school, JHSC programming, and JHSC core values.  

  • Families of children in high school/U16 & older or students who do not attend school in Teton County, WY (public or private) will apply directly through JHSC’s application process. The application period is June 1 - June 30 (for U16 & older athletes only) or August 30 through October 1. A payment plan must be established when you are notified of your award, please see the application for dates. Tuition is due in full by December 31.

Download the JHSC application:
JHSC scholarship application  
Use this application if your child is in high school/U16 program & older or does not attend school in Teton County, WY.

  • Families of children attending school in Teton County, WY (public or private) in grades 8 and younger or U14 equivalent programs and younger will apply through One22. JHSC partners with One22 and the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole in the Extracurricular Opportunity ScholarshipOne application will be submitted and reviewed by both One 22 and JHSC. Through this partnership, JHSC matches scholarships awarded through the Extracurricular Opportunity Scholarship.  Funds awarded by One 22 will be paid to JHSC and applied to the student’s account, similarly, funds awarded by JHSC are applied to the student’s account. The application period is August 30 through October 1. A payment plan must be established when you are notified of your award, please see the application for dates. Tuition is due in full by December 31.

Download the One22 application forms:  ​
One 22 Scholarship Applications  
Use this application if your child is in 8th grade/U14 program or younger and attends school in Teton County, WY.

If your family has children in both categories, submit an application to both entities.  Please contact Julie Klomparens at the JHSC business office with questions 307-733-6433 x102 or info@jhskiclub.org

JHSC offers and/or manages other scholarships with unique criteria (see more information below). Scholarships and other financial aid are also available through outside organizations such as USSA-IMD and NAASF. Please contact your coach or the Program Director for more information.

Wes Barron Scholarship Fund

Through the efforts of the Barron family and the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club the Wes Barron Scholarship Fund has been established in his name, and is making a difference in lives of local children. Thanks to the generous support of donors, Wes' Fund is able to help local kids, with financial need, participate in Alpine Racing. Young athletes are eligible to receive financial assistance with program fees, equipment costs and race expenses.  Through this fund Wes continues to positively impact and inspire local kids who otherwise may not be able to participate in the sport. Wes Barron Scholarships are need-based and administered though the primary JHSC Scholarship Process. 

Nordic Commitment Scholarship

In the sport of cross country skiing, it is widely understood that the summer and fall months are designated as training months and the winter months are reserved for focusing on speed, technique and racing. Many athletes lose touch with the sport during the summer months or do not participate in cross training through other sports. We understand that involvement in other activities and sports is great for overall athletic development. We also see the value in staying in touch with technique work and more specific training year round as a nordic athlete. The Nordic Summer Commitment Scholarship has a unique set of criteria. See Ben Morley, Nordic Program Director, for more information. 


Brent Newton Freeride Essay Award

Thanks to the generous support of the Brent Newton Ski Foundation two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club Freeride Program athletes. The Brent Newton Ski Foundation's mission is to expose children to the sport of skiing or riding through school programs and other sanctioned organizations. To donate scholarships to children who are underprivileged or have special needs, that would not necessarily be exposed, or have the opportunity to experience this sport. JHSC is not responsible for Brent Newton Ski Foundation scholarship awards, this scholarship is simply administered through JHSC. 

Scholarship Details

Awards may be used for program tuition or competitive expenses, not equipment. To apply please submit an essay including a cover sheet with the athlete's name - the athlete's name should not be on the essay. Please name the essay with your favorite run, line or trail in Jackson Hole and send to rlapier@jhskiclub.org

Scholarships awards will be awarded based on following criteria, not on correct spelling or grammar:

Why do you choose to ski or ride, how does this make you feel, (mentally and physically)? Why this is important to you, (free skiing or riding; training and competing) and what do you get out of this?


The scholarship applications/essay must be submitted to the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club by Friday January 3, 2020. Applications will be reviewed by the Brent Newton Ski Foundation Board of Directors. Scholarship winners will be announced January 18, 2020. Send your essay to rlapier@jhskiclub.org

  • How has skiing or riding changed your life? How has this helped with your experiences outside of skiing or riding? What aspects of skiing or riding do you use in your day to day life?
  • Where do you see skiing or riding leading you in life?
  • Why is it important for you to be awarded the scholarship? How will this be beneficial to you and your passion for the sport? What will it mean to you?
Betty Woolsey Merit Scholarships (U16 & older)

About the Betty Woolsey Merit Scholarship

The Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club started the Betty Woolsey Olympian Endowment in 1992 in honor of Betty Woolsey. Ms. Woolsey was a member of the 1936 U.S. Women's Olympic Alpine Ski Team and continued her involvement with the U.S. Team as competitor and Captain of the Women's team. The Betty Woolsey Olympian Endowment helps to recognize and support personal achievement and excellence that she exemplifies.

Criteria for Merit Scholarships

  1. U16 or older student-athletes or equivalent based on sport
  2. Athletic Merit in competitive skiing or snowboarding (points, results, strength of competition schedule, invitation to special projects, placement on regional or national teams, etc.) criteria guidelines may vary by sport
  3. Athlete’s commitment to his/her sport and personal development (including academics)
  4. Athlete’s ability to represent the mission of the JHSC
  5. Athlete’s ability to adhere to established student-athlete codes of conduct and JHSC core values

To Apply

The application deadline for merit-based scholarships is extended to Friday April 17, 2020 (annually the first Friday after spring break). Merit scholarship applications are assessed based on the level of merit represented, the criteria above, and coach recommendations. Applicants will be notified of merit scholarship decisions within 30 days.  

Applicant for Merit Scholarship must submit:

  1. A letter of application [500 words or less] explaining:
    1. Your current accomplishments and your long-term goals
    2. Your commitment as a student-athlete
    3. Your commitment to the JHSC mission and values providing specific examples
    4. A specific amount of merit scholarship requested
  2. A budget representing your current expenses and obligations to continue pursuing your goals, and how you would intend to use Merit Scholarship Funds. Keep in mind that funds may be granted in recognition of an external expense or opportunity, but distributions to merit scholars will be credited to the athlete’s JHSC account and not to third parties.

Please submit your application to Brian Krill bkrill@jhskiclub.org

Full Merit Scholarship program information. 

To Support the Fund

JHSC may accept gifts from donors if so directed by the donor to support Merit Scholars. 90% of these gifts will fund the Betty Woolsey Scholarship Endowment for future merit-based support, and 10% of these funds will be distributed to current Merit Scholars as described in the Merit Scholarship contract. Gifts to the Merit Scholarship program will be recognized as fully tax-deductible donations to JHSC - a 501(c)(3) organization.  Donate online, by check to JHSC PO Box 461 Jackson, WY 83001 or through gifts of stock (contact Brian at 733-6433 x101)

Karen Oatey Scholarship Endowment Fund

The Karen Oatey Scholarship Endowment Fund (KOSEF) at the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club has been established by her loving family as a way to share Karen’s love for winter sports with young athletes in financial need.  The fund honors Karen’s desire to give back to the community while introducing and supporting Jackson Hole’s young athletes as they develop their own passion for winter sports and the outdoors.

The KOSEF balance is approximately $400,000. The annual return of this fund helps support our annual JHSC scholarship allocations. Supporting this fund ensures our ability to maintain and increase our support to local athletes with financial need.