Backcountry Program

The goal of the JHSC backcountry program is to foster an environment and knowledge base in which athletes feel comfortable traveling safely, and efficiently over snow in an uncontrolled mountain environment.

Student-athletes will gain hands on experience with:

  • avalanche education 
  • backcountry equipment
  • snowpack evaluation
  • tour planning
  • forecasting
  • human factors and group dynamics
  • post trip debriefing and analysis

Our programs will include open communication and discussions that will prepare student-athletes to provide valuable input in the decision making process on guided ski trip, backcountry tours, or perhaps as future professionals in the industry. Eventually, participants in this program will have opportunities to help deliver education and awareness programs to younger JHSC student-athletes and/or the Jackson Hole community.

Backcountry skiing and splitboarding require a high level of physical fitness and technique both uphill and down.  In an effort to have the most enjoyable ski touring experience possible athletes in the clinics and touring days will practice proper skinning, gear selection, as well as build physical and mental strength in the mountains. Weather it be a short lap out of bounds at a resort, a large scale ski mountaineering objective, a randonnee race, or a furthering their avalanche education, our coaches will meet athletes where they are at, helping them achieve their goals. 

Our club wide avalanche education programs will be held during regular training days for the alpine, nordic, and freeride teams.  Please visit this page for more information and training dates.



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Team News

10/30/2019 - 2:00pm
Winter came early!  Skiers are already enjoying some October powder turns in the high mountains.  This is very exciting, but remember early season backcountry skiing requires a high level of avalanche awareness and route finding technique.  The sn
02/27/2019 - 8:08pm
With all the snow that February has brought to the Tetons we are looking forward to the upcoming Backcountry Program events in March.
02/08/2019 - 7:13pm
Backcountry Skiing, JHSC, ski tour, avalanche
What a great winter for backcountry skiing it has been!  The backcountry programming has all but wrapped up, all JHSC teams have now had some formal avalanche training through AAI.  Thank you to the coaches for making time for this, it has been gr