Student-Athlete Support

Program Philosophy

The Student-Athlete Support (SAS) Program fosters long-term athlete development, in line with US Ski & Snowboard Training Systems, in all JHSC athletic programs. SAS also provides support and sport education for student-athletes and their families.

In line with the Club's mission, SAS programming equips student-athletes with a toolkit to pursue personal excellence in skiing and snowboarding as well as in their intellectual, social, and educational pursuits. Through in-training sport education, community educational events, academic support, and regular communication with families, coaches, program directors, and school administrators, the SAS Program fosters an integrated approach to student-athletes’ pursuit of excellence in their athletic and academic careers.

JHSC partners with Teton County public and independent schools to develop year-round programming that provides all student-athletes with the opportunity to pursue both a rigorous academic schedule and high-caliber athletic training and competition. For students enrolled in full-time online or home school programs, the JHSC Academic Support Program provides an on-site classroom learning environment that follows local schools' academic calendars.

Additionally, the SAS Program manages injury and concussion protocols and works with JHSC leadership to further develop the implementation and tracking of the JHSC Core Values across programs. The SAS Director collaborates closely with the Alpine, Backcountry, Freeride, and Nordic Program Directors and coaches to integrate goal-setting, time-management, and citizenship skills and to offer college and post-graduate counseling to ensure student-athlete success and well-being on and off the hill, during their years in the Club and beyond.

Please contact the SAS Director with any questions and for school scheduling information. 


Student-Athlete Eligibility

In order to participate in JHSC programs, the Club requires that student-athletes in grades 6-12 maintain a GPA of 2.5 and no “D”s or “F”s. 

For full details and complete expectations, see the JHSC Academic Policy in the Parent–Athlete Handbook. 

The SAS Director maintains regular communication with county school partners and conducts official grade checks to determine eligibility throughout the season.

For more information and to see this season's eligibility check dates, visit the SAS School Partnerships page.


Reach Out! 

If you would like help with coursework or college application materials, time to discuss your short- or long-term academic goals, or a chance to review and revise your season goals and plan for balancing academics and athletics, please reach out! 



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