Freeride Program

The goal of the JHSC Freeride Program is to guide young athletes as they develop, and attain their short and long term freeskiing/snowboarding goals while promoting strong decision making skills, all-mountain etiquette, a strong work ethic, creativity, confidence and good sportsmanship. The Freeride Program strives to create a positive, motivated, and fun training atmosphere that teaches athletes how to succeed in all endeavors, both on and off the snow.

We believe that every participant of the Freeride program should be able to pursue their dreams to the fullest extent, regardless of their socio-economic background.  Although we are referred to as coaches, our roles go far beyond what happens at training and it is our duty to make a positive and lasting impression on every participant in the program.  These youths are the future and we aim to give them the tools necessary to make good decisions on and off the hill through our regular guidance. 

There are many avenues under the umbrella of Snowboarding and freeskiing.  We intend to expose participants to all disciplines of the sport(s) and provide a support system for those who are driven to pursue any one discipline to the fullest extent. 

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