Nordic December Newsletter

Lollipoppoer Team Update

Many of you may have heard that Ann Mackley broke her arm over the weekend and will sadly not be able to coach the Lollipoppers. We were looking forward to having Ann and her experience in working with young kids. We wish her a speedy recovery and restful winter with hopes of having her back with the team next season. She may make some guest appearances at Trail Creek as she monitors her progress. We are working on filling Ann's position and will be working on shuffling our current staff around as well as bringing in some guest coaches. Jeanie Clark will make some guest appearances throughout the winter. Kathy Conner is new to the program and will be with the Lollipoppers through the season.  Kathy's experience spans from classroom teaching for several years, (certified) coaching multiple sports, (certified, once upon a time) tutoring, girl scouts, classroom volunteer, mentoring, as well as raising multi-sport children of her own that went on to play college sports. Coach Libby Hall will also be back with the Lollipopper squad and is a great reference for parents as she has kids in the Nordic program, and Jeanie Clark will be around periodically to help out.  The Lollipopper Team Meeting is set for December 18th at 6 p.m. at the Trail Creek Cabin. If you have questions about our lease program please contact Teewinot Head Coach Sevi For all other Lollipopper inquires contact program director Ben Morley -, and stay tuned for news by the end of the week for new coaching staff assignments.

Teewinot Team Update

Head Coach Sevi Hagen is gearing up for the season as the Teewinot's will start practice the first week of January. The team meeting is scheduled for December 19th 6 p.m. at the Trail Creek Cabin.  If you have questions before the team meeting you can reach Sevi at  

Development Team Update

The return of Coach Rainer Kenney has upped the energy of this already high paced group. After Classic skiing in November! We are now Skating through the snow covered trails at Trail Creek. We will refresh our skills on Skate skis this month as well as return to Classic skis to prepare for the first local race of the season. The Betty Woolsey Classic will be on December, 29 and all Devo kid are encouraged to race. We also have some alpine athletes who are joining us one day a week, bringing another addition of positive energy. The Development team will continue to adventure ski in December and practice our skiing and snow soccer skills.

-Head Development Coach Rob Murphy

Junior Team Update

The Junior Team has spent the past two weeks transitioning from dry land training at the Middle School onto snow at Trail Creek. We have been working on powerful skating through building up our balance and timing, and our focus in the classic technique has been committing  to each ski will striding and riding the gliding ski. Coach Max, Bria, and Calvin have brought in varying agility drills and pack skiing strategy to help improve comfort on skis at speed. We also have introduced some interval training to improve the athletes aerobic capacity which should translate well as we approach our first few races of the season with the IMD opener in Bozeman and the Betty Woolsey Classic at Trail Creek. The Junior Nordic Team is looking fast and smooth already despite only being back on snow for a couple of weeks, and the coaches cannot wait to see what the rest of the season brings!

Juniors Working on Classic Striding at Trail Creek


-Head Junior Coach Cavin Wight

Prep/Comp Team Update

The Prep and Comp spent a good percentage of their November training at the West Yellowstone training camp over Thanksgiving week. 28 athletes put in 15-30 hrs of quality training in over the course of the the camp. The camp is not only a great opportunity to get a jump on the season with a lot ski training, but serves as an opportunity for us to partake in some team building and seasonal goal setting activities. The coaches whiteness breakthroughs by all athletes as the week was designed to raise the bar technically while putting in some serious volume training. 

Elijah Weenig. West Camp. Photo Nancy Leon

The following weekend a handful of skiers traveled back to West Yellowstone for their first race of the season, the Super Tour opener. Building upon experience of competing against a tough national field of juniors and seniors and to get a race start under their belt was the objective of the weekend. There were some particularly strong results from JHSC athletes, Natalie O'Brien came in 8th in U16s, but 2nd in intermountain standings in the 5km skate. Both David King and Bridger Stiles found the U16 podium in the 5km skate with strong performances. In Elijah Weenig's first 15km as a U18 he came in 8th among the juniors, right in the mix with a handful of strong skiers. Solid efforts to everyone in both races. See for complete results. 

David King 2nd. Bridger Stiles 3rd. Super Tour 5km Skate

In the week after the West Yellowstone Camp and the week before the Super Tour, Prep and Comp team athletes posted strong results in a 2.5km time trial at Trail Creek. The goal of the time trial was to find a race gear, understand pacing and incorporate some speed after a long volume week of training in West. For complete results see here

Elsie Hall 2.5km TT

The strong results in the distance races at West and the time trial results at Trail Creek is a good indicator that the team on the right track with a solid foundation of training. In these next couple of weeks we will be very focused on technique, building specific strength and some general core strength, and will introduce some higher intensity and shorter intervals to activate fast twitch muscles.  See the current training block, for a preview of the Prep and Comp teams training focus as they prepare for the first Junior National Qualifier  

Trail Creek/Program Wide Update

With early season snow the conditions at Trail Creek have been better than we've seen this early in years! Trail Creek Operation's manager Steve Swan has been working hard on buffing out nearly the entire 15km course. The trail conditions provides us with a great opportunity to get quality training in for early season races and offers fantastic skiing to Trail Creek JHSC members. Your family and individual season pass and daily pass purchases ensure we can keep our operation up to speed. Thank you for your contribution! To receive a daily grooming report send an e mail to

Purchase Season Pass 

Steve Swan will also be acting as the Nordic Sports Information Director. Stay tuned for regular Trail Creek, JHSC Nordic Program Updates, and Community wide Nordic Updates every two weeks from Steve. 

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