March 9th Grooming Report--Pinch Me I’m Dreaming!

March 9th Grooming Report

Pinch Me I’m Dreaming!

It’s a dreamlike day here at Trail Creek today; plenty of sunshine, trees and trails blanketed in a foot of fresh snow, and miles and miles of freshly groomed Nordic trails.  Life is surely good today!  We did actually get around a foot of snow in the recent “epic for 2022” snowstorm and the Husky has been hard at it today, deflating all that glorious snow into some hard working trails.  Every trail got at least a skate/classic pass with most of the field, Woolsey Woods, Moose Loop, and Homeward and Outward Bound getting double passes.  There was even enough snow that with a little work we could bring Gutflop and Faceplant back for one last hurrah.

Coach Libby reported in that her Teewinot crew had a fantastic time recently skiing all the way up Suicide and have a cocoa and cookie party at the cabin at the top of the hill, what a marvelous idea!

Racing is ongoing at nationals today, click on this link and you can even watch along.  Hopefully Lena Poduska pictured above and all the rest of our athletes can have a great day.

Many thanks to Coach Luna for sending in some more images from Minneapolis; click here to view all of them in greater detail.

Groomer’s choice for today is to venture into the fairyland like woods and have a cookie and cocoa party.