March 7th Grooming Report--Glorious Winter!

March 7th Grooming Report

Glorious Winter!

Last week it looked like the end might be near, but this Monday morning is a complete reboot, with amazing, glorious winter in command.  One to two inches fell in the past 24, just enough to put a pristine fresh top on our trails today.  Temps are supposed to remain cool this week with even the chance of up to a foot of snow (more later), so we should be able to continue to enjoy glorious winter for some time to come.

Our JHSC racers are surely enjoying a Midwestern winter today in Minneapolis.   As of report time racing was ongoing and the live feed was actually live.  You can follow along at the Loppet Foundation Junior National Championships webpage.

A note from one of our regulars, “Tell the kids that moose petting season is over….

I noticed Moose hair tufts and pellets with red around them (blood) a closer look and they were not pellets but very engorged ticks. I’ve seen this often but not usually this early in the season. As areas of ground dry out the moose sleep on the dry spots, to the ticks’ delight. I’ve seen moose covered with the “balls” and watched them shake like a wet dog, (usually at higher elevations and one to two months later) spraying droplets of blood and a few ticks spin off: not fun and actually life-threatening for moose that are at risk for surviving the winter.”

Our moose are amazing, but March is one of those times of year when they do have a bit of struggle, remember to give them some room and thanks for the contribution.

If you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a Nordic ski at Trail Creek on this glorious day, you will find some really nice skiing.  The new snow was just enough to cover the old, and the Husky has been very busy grooming nearly everything.  First off, there was a request, and now there is a bit of new trail at the top of Homesite.  Nearly every other trail received at least a single skate/classic pass with Moose Loop and the fields receiving multiple passes.  The Nordic X also got a bit of a rework today.  Several skiers have been reporting in with huge smiles, definitely a top ten day!

Groomer’s choice for today is to make sure you get out and enjoy a ski!