March 6th Grooming Report--Keep on Skiing!

March 6th Grooming Report

Keep on Skiing!

Even though the forecast 1-3 inches came in closer to a strong half, we’ve still got plenty of skiing today at Trail Creek.  The week ahead holds the promise of more snow with quite cool temps so things should continue in a positive Nordic way.

Today’s Husky grooming covered almost every trail.  Since yesterday’s classic tracks are still quite distinct and should ski well with the fresh half inch of snow, today’s focus was on skate lanes.  The narrower sections did receive fresh classic tracks and Moose Loop, Olympic, and the Close Field all received multiple passes.  There are some of yesterday’s tracks showing through but skiing should be nice today.  Faceplant and Gutflop are probably done for the year.  Parts of Black Hole and Boiler weren’t groomed today, but hopefully some snow can be mined tomorrow to keep the problem areas going for some time.

There were a million tracks on the fresh snow this morning.  With spring in the air, our critters have been very active.  Moose, elk, fox, coyote, lots of birds, squirrels, and a pine marten were all tracking in the past few hours.

Groomer’s choice for today is to enjoy some spring skiing.