March 4th Grooming Report--Back at 100%!

March 4th Grooming Report

Back at 100%!

The service technician shows up this morning and rides along through the entire grooming, and wouldn’t you know it, not an error code in sight.  The Husky was back to its 100% efficiency today and was happily making lots of kilometers of great Nordic skiing.  The technician had actually shown up last night and gone over quite a few possibly problematic areas and most likely had corrected whatever was causing the problem so hopefully now we’ll have smooth running to the end of the season.

Speaking of the end of the season, we are hoping to run until the end of the month and the forecast is looking much better for the next week to do so, with cooler temps and quite a bit of snow in the forecast.  However, Gutflop and Faceplant (image below) are pretty much off the grooming docket unless we get some significant snowfall as these sun-facing slopes are showing some rocks.  The rest of the trails are still holding a pretty good amount of snow and will hopefully ski well for the rest of the month.

Today’s “technician assisted grooming” covered almost every trail.  Classic tracks were placed on nearly every section as well with double passes on the field trails and Moose Loop.  The early morning grooming was having a bit of trouble completely erasing the tracks from yesterday, although during the last half of the session, nothing was coming out of the back of the Husky except for some great corduroy.  Skiing is really nice right now and will soften a bit as the day progresses although if the clouds thicken as forecast conditions could stay in that really nice spring skiing state for the rest of the day.


Groomer’s choice for today is Beaver Ponds.