March 31st Grooming Report-Final Edition!

March 31st Grooming Report

Final Edition!


 The time has come . . . the permit expires . . . even though the snow is resisting the season, we need to put things away today and bring an end to a Nordic season that none of us will ever forget.  Think back to the big Thanksgiving storm that started the season in grand style, allowing us to bypass rolling and Ginzu’ing, with instead Pisten Bullying first passes everywhere.  The snowy Betty Woolsey and incredibly busy Junior National Qualifier seem like another world from today’s perspective.  The season has ended in a way no one could have imagined, with amazing crowds of people skiing, yet sheltering in place.

One of my greatest desires and prayers is that, sometime around seven months from now, the next grooming report can be posted and all of you and your loved ones will be willingly subjected to more rambling tales of skiing, moose, and all the happenings of the great people who make up our local Nordic community, and that all will have survived this whole ordeal in the best way possible.

For today the Ginzu groomer was once again called to action on most major trails.  Most classic tracks were reset and skate lanes received multiple passes.  Although private property sections of Trail Creek are officially closed after today, and the Forest permit expires for grooming, the National Forest portion of the trails will hopefully have good skiing conditions for several weeks.

While requests to keep grooming have been heard and much appreciated, the turning of seasons cannot be ignored, and farm, gardens, water, and bikes are calling this groomer on to trails elsewhere.  Never fear!   This day is still a great day for an awesome Nordic ski.

Groomer’s choice, as always, is Trail Creek.

Planting corn and soybeans (kind of like grooming)


Gardening is a genetic and compulsory thing


Water is a strong calling


As is exploring to the far corners


Harvest begins in the garden


And ends in the field.  Then it's time for another great Nordic ski!