March 29th Grooming Report-A Little Fresh Snow!

March 29th Grooming Report

A Little Fresh Snow!

Today’s grooming once again happened last night with the Ginzu groomer and since the previous grooming around two inches of fresh snow had fallen on the trails at Trail Creek.  For the first time in several days it was possible to set fresh classic tracks on most trails.  Multiple skate grooming passes happened on most trails last night as well with the net result being quite nice skate lanes and about 85% of the classic tracks in pretty nice shape.

Temps are forecast to warm into the 40’s today so conditions could get a bit soft by late in the afternoon.  Crusts on the field with the couple of inches of recent fresh snow should ski well this morning although they could soften by afternoon.  For those of you who are regulars you might notice a couple of new trails in the close field; it was possible to groom anywhere last night so why not give it a try.  They should ski nicely this morning but be careful in the afternoon.

Interesting trivia bit for today, Trail Creek is located at 43° 29' North and 110° 53' West.  While the exact opposite side of the planet is in the ocean south west of Australia, if you go to 43° 29' North and 110° 53' East which is the same latitude as us but exactly on the other side of the planet you are in Mongolia, and yes, there is skiing there.

Groomer’s choice keep skiing, keep skiing far enough away from others and keep healthy.