March 25th Grooming Report--Probably Not Today!

March 25th Grooming Report

Probably Not Today!

The chances of the image above happening today are pretty much nil.  While many of us are looking forward to green grass and summer temps, every once in a while it’s kind of nice to reflect on the cold dark days of winter.

While cold dark days of winter are not happening today at Trail Creek, you can still have a pretty good Nordic ski.  Today’s grooming happened last night with the Husky making the rounds on pretty much every trail.  On that pass it was able to lay down some quite crisp corduroy and classic tracks.  We do have a few holes showing here and there and there are some dirty areas in the woods, but there are also many sections that are skiing very nicely at the correct time of day.  Moose Loop and Animal Farm did receive multiple passes last night.

For the next few days, crust cruising in the fields is an early morning option, the field trails will morph from very fast to slushy as the day progresses, and the shady woods will be at their best in the afternoon.

Look for a quick groom of the fields Friday night followed by a mid-morning Sunday grooming.  Hopefully we can keep things running until the end of the month, we’ll see how the snow holds up and report more in the next grooming report on Sunday.

Groomer’s choice for today is the fields in the morning, Moose Loop in the afternoon.