March 21st Grooming Report--Amazing Video!

March 21st Grooming Report

Amazing Video!

Like the rest of the JHSC youth Nordic programs, the Ositos have wrapped things up for the year.  However, Coach Miles has sent in an amazing video showing some of the highlights of the season.  Click on this link and you can see learning, exercise, and fun in action.  Nice job Coach Miles and crew, and Ositos!

You too can have some learning, exercise, and fun if you come out to Trail Creek today.  Yesterday’s storm ended up depositing a couple more inches of snow after grooming wrapped up yesterday which mostly groomed up quite nicely in this morning’s cool conditions.  Passes were made on nearly every trail with fresh classic tracks along the way.  The conditions are just a bit variable ranging from nearly perfect to having a few voids in the snow, but all in all the snow should ski very nicely today.

We’re moving to a limited grooming schedule this week with the next grooming scheduled for Tuesday evening and then Thursday evening in hopes of being able to morph the forecast warm snow into great skiing.  Happy Birthday Mom!

Groomer’s choice for today is to not forget your sunscreen in the very sunny fields.