March 1st Grooming Report--Modern Technology!

March 1st Grooming Report

Modern Technology!

Modern technology, love it, hate it…  The modern technology of our new Husky has allowed it to do a fantastic job of taking a less than average snowfall winter and converting it into some great Nordic skiing.  However, today, that same sophisticated technology is having a hiccup.

In order to be environmentally friendly, most modern diesel engines require the addition of diesel emission fluid (DEF) to reduce pollution.  If you are curious, Wikipedia has a great explanation of how this works.  Anyway, getting this all to work, and done in the most efficient manner requires some very sophisticated engineering.  Unfortunately, something in this chain of control is having a slight issue today and our beloved Husky is getting error messages.

Fortunately, our Prinoth dealer in Utah had a tech onsite first thing this morning and hopefully he’ll have things in tip top shape shortly.

Because of this issue, today’s grooming is a bit askew.  Last night the Ginzu was called to action and made passes throughout the fields with fair results.  The snow froze up before passes in the woods could be made.  Conditions are a bit fast this morning, but as the day warms, good skiing conditions should abound.

Finally a great action shot sent in from Coach Kathy from last weekend’s fun ski day!

Groomer’s choice for today is a mid-day ski through the woods.