March 10th Grooming Report--Second in the Nation!

March 10th Grooming Report

Second in the Nation!

Pictured above is our very own Kate Brigham who scored a second place finish in classic sprints in her age group at the Loppet Foundation Junior National Championships in Minneapolis yesterday.  Coach Luna also reports that Lucas Wilmot and Lena Poduska pictured below each finished 10th in their age groups.  Thanks to Coach Luna for her reporting and congratulations to our skiers!  You can follow all the action on the event website above.

If you weren’t able to travel to Minneapolis to follow the races, perhaps you’ll have time for a ski at Trail Creek today.  As you venture out on the trails, it’s hard not to be consumed by the seemingly unfathomable shade of blue that covers the heavens today.  While Wyoming has more than its share of amazing blue skies, today’s celestial iteration is literally beyond description, drawing the eye out and beyond even the beautiful horizon that surrounds us, take a moment today and relish in it.

You’ll probably also relish the fact that the Husky has been hard at it today, covering nearly every trail.  The cold temps have preserved the classic tracks nicely so today’s focus was mainly on skate lanes.  The narrower sections and a few heavily used areas did receive new classic tracks, but most grooming was a simple skate only pass.  All in all skiing is bit chilly but fantastic today.

Groomer’s choice to enjoy the perfect sky on your ski today.