February 9th Grooming Report--Classic Distance!

February 9th Grooming Report

Classic Distance!

The JHSC Nordic athletes have been training hard for months and months; skiing on snow since November with IMD Qualifiers and High School races in their tracks.  There is just one more race to go, the final IMD Qualifier here at Trail Creek Friday and Saturday where the successful will win a chance to go to nationals.  Their bodies are ready; the time is here, so an easy classic distance day was the call of the coaches, a brief breather before giving their all at the races.

In response to the classic distance call, pretty much every trail in the network received fresh classic grooming today.  The Husky made a single skate/classic pass through every woods trail except for Animal Farm which received a double pass.  The fields all received at least one classic track as well as additional skate grooming.

Tomorrow’s (Thursday’s) schedule is for the close field to be groomed into a hybrid configuration of the two race days and open to course inspection by 10 AM.  If all goes according to plan, a Husky Pass will be possible later in the morning in the woods.  Race grooming will dominate from Thursday night until Sunday morning.  Your understanding in working around the race schedule is much appreciated; detailed information about everything concerning the race is on the event website.

Finally, couldn’t close the grooming report without including an amazing picture of one of Coach Kathy’s skiers performing some amazing, if not quite Olympic caliber, gymnastics in Nordic gear, way cool!

Groomer’s choice for today is classic skiing Woolsey Woods.