February 1st Grooming Report--So Much Fun!

February 1st Grooming Report

So Much Fun!

Coach Kathy’s Teewinots were having tons of fun in yesterday’s blustery chilly conditions; just imagine how great it could be today with a couple inches of fresh snow, lots of sunshine, warm temps, and miles and miles of fresh Husky grooming!  A pretty big crowd has already been out smiling today, there’s still plenty of time for you to have so much fun.

A correction is in order, thankfully Coach Katie checked in that this upcoming weekend’s high school race is in Lander, not Casper.  It looks like a great weekend for a road trip; if you’re so inclined, head on over and cheer on the team.  You can learn more about skiing around Lander at landernordic.org.

The couple of inches that have fallen since yesterday’s grooming were much appreciated and the Husky has been hard at it today, whipping it all into shape.  Pretty much every woods trail received a skate/classic pass with really nice classic skiing today.  The fields received multiple passes with fresh double classic tracks and lots of room for skaters.  In addition all of the courses for the upcoming Junior National Qualifier were groomed as well.  No matter where you ski today, you will find nice conditions, possibly even a top ten day!

Groomer’s choice for today is the East Fields.