February 18th Grooming Report--Friday Funnies!

February 18th Grooming Report

Oh No!

The image above is from a reader that sent in a video of how things can go wrong in a classic ski race.  Nordic skiing is generally considered a pretty safe sport; this video demonstrates that sometimes that’s not quite the case.  At least it appears as if no major injuries occurred, click on this link to watch.

Things seem a bit safer here at Trail Creek with the major concern of the moment being that we do have a bit of wind to contend with.  The Husky has been hard at it once again today, covering pretty much every trail.  On the journey through the woods almost every classic tracks was set with multiple passes on Animal Farm and Olympic.  The fields received multiple passes with fresh classic tracks.  Unfortunately, the classic tracks were drifting pretty fast.

If you are an adrenaline junky and need a little risk today, the beginnings of the Nordic X course are in place.  While the short snow conditions might be a somewhat limiting factor this year, it does look as if we’ll be able to put out a pretty fun course over the next week or so.

Groomer’s choice for today is the Animal Farm/Olympic Loop.