February 10th Grooming Report--Course Inspection Day!

February 10th Grooming Report

Course Inspection Day!

Even though the course wasn’t officially open until 10 AM today, things were buzzing here at Trail Creek long before that and it’s only going to get busier as the day progresses.  Around 470 racers are registered for Friday and Saturday’s races; things are progressing nicely and it should be a great event!

Today’s grooming focused primarily on the courses with both classic and skate versions being set for the inspections.  The East Fields were thoroughly reworked as a warm up area and even the woods got a quick groom.  The classic track setters have been moved to racing position so no classic tracks will be set in the woods until Sunday.  Classic tracks do remain on the wider sections of the woods trails, but were washed on the narrow sections.

There is no shuttle today so parking will be in tight supply if you come out to see the spectacle.  Friday and Saturday the shuttle will be running from Stilson.  All the information for the race is available on the event website.

Finally Coach Libby sent in some great images of Teewinots skiing Faceplant with blocks of snow on their head!  That takes some serious talent, way to go Teewinots and go racers!

Groomer’s choice for today is a periphery ski, watching all the action.