December 3rd Grooming Report-Looks Like a Nordic Trail!

December 3rd Grooming Report

Looks Like a Nordic Trail!

Since yesterday’s grooming we’ve received 2-3 inches of fresh snow which at this early time in the season is just what the snow doctor ordered.  The Pisten Bully was once again called to action, doing a total skate/classic rework of the close field with a single best line skate pass through all of the woods trails that have been set so far.

Conditions in the field are quite amazing for this time of year and while lots of brush and lumps still remain, skiing in the woods is also pretty nice.   As of 11 AM it was partly sunny, a little blustery, and the temp was just below freezing.

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Groomer’s choice for today is some laps in the field.

A sad note also for this grooming report; for the last 14 years a very regular fixture either clinging to the snow machines or sticking his head out the Pisten Bully window has been Yeti the grooming dog.  He loved to ride the trails with his mission scouting for moose or any other furry creature that should cross his path.

This fall he was beginning to lose weight which resulted in a trip to the vet where the diagnosis was made that he had developed diabetes.  Just after returning from the vet, out on a nice run, he encountered a possum, one of his arch enemies.  He chased the possum into a culvert where a fierce battle ensued.  By the time he was extricated from the culvert the possum was dead and partially eaten.

Whether from ingesting something vile from the possum or just getting beaten up in the fight, within a few days with the groomer’s wife at his side and the groomer on the phone he passed away.

An amazing dog whom has brought joy to many Nordic skiers over the years, we will remember him fondly.  As of now there is no plan for replacement.