August Nordic Newsletter

Peak Volume Training Weeks

The middle of the summer marks the largest volume block of training in the Comp Team yearly cycle training plan. Many of the athletes will be training 44-55 hour in the next monthly training block The Comp Team training blocks cycle through a volume week, medium week, intensity week, and recovery week; modeling the supercompensation training philosophy. Volume weeks are designed to do a lot of training (hrs) at a low intensity. Medium weeks take things down a notch to recovery slightly from the volume week, but still touch base on all training fundamentals. Intensity weeks place another (but different kind of) training load before athletes get some rest in the recovery week only to repeat the cycle all over again. Think of it like taking two steps up (volume), one step down (medium), two steps up (intensity), one-two steps down (recovery). If the model is observed  throughout the summer and yearly cycles, it becomes apparent that athletes continually increase their level of fitness through intelligent training while given the opportunity to absorb the stresses of training hard.

Nordic & Alpine Athletes after a run up Death Canyon.

In the next training block the intensity week will mark the second 'Test Week', where athletes will shoot to better their 3000m running time trial, Hagen Trail 3km running time trial, double pole time trial, and Canadian strength test results.  Volume weeks put a load  significant load on an athletes mental and physical capacities.

A few of the older Comp Team athletes will be spending their volume week of training up at the Haig Glacier on snow in the Canadian Rockies, while the remainder of the team will put in some big dry-land days in the Tetons. Having a large training group during volume weeks help each individual athlete get through the longer and tougher workouts. Thanks to the Lander Ski team and JHSC Alpine for joining us during the last volume week. 

The middle of the summer also marks Period 3 for Prep and Comp team athletes in their 6 period strength and conditioning training plan. High physical demands with an emphasis on heavy loading, high intensity and high mental energy demands with longer rest periods between exercises and sets will be the focus of Period 3 strength and conditioning. 

Agility and Plyos

Haig Glacier Camp

A few Comp team athletes will be joining Sun Valley and Utah athletes for an on snow and dry-land camp in the Canadian Rocckies. Athletes will hike into the camp which sits in a remote backcountry location 12 miles from the nearest road at 7,500 feet above tree line next to a glacier that holds snow and we can ski on. They live in three comfortable buildings perched on a granite ridge overlooking the world.  All of their gear gets flown in via helicopter.  The skiing is a 30 minute saunter from the camp to the snow zone. Older Comp team athletes will shoot for 20-30 hrs of training.

Annabel Hagen at the Haig Glacier. 2017

Soldier Hollow Camp

Prep team athletes have recently returned from the U14 Intermountain Camp at the Soldier Hollow Olympic venue in Utah. Coach Scott Lacy reported that JHSC Nordic athletes stood out among other Intermountain teams and peers in roller ski technique, fitness and personal responsibility and maturity. The goal of the U14 IMD camp was to get more U14s in the IMD region involved in training and to create a cohesive group that will work towards representing the intermountain division at Junior Nationals in the future. 

Junior Summer Camp. August 6-10.

JHSC Nordic Junior coaches Sevi Hagen and Rob Murphy will be offering additional training sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, in addition to the regular schedules Monday and Wednesday training schedule. Activities will include roller skiing, hiking, strength training, agility drills, and technique. At $60 for the entire week, the camp is one of the more valuable training and summer camp opportunities available in the valley.  Click here to register under events. Coach Sevi Hagen will be in touch with camp details leading up to the week.

JHSC Nordic to host U.S. Ski & Snowboard Level 100 and Level 200 Western Coaches Certification Courses

JHSC Nordic is excited to be hosting the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Western Coaches Certification in mid September. U.S. Ski Team Nordic Development Coach Bryan Fish will be teaching the Level 200 course and Boulder Nordic Head Coach Adam St. Peire will be teaching the Level 100 course.  Junior and colligate Nordic coaches from across the West will be in attendance. Stay tuned for more information on this event; tentative dates are set for September 14th and 15th.

U.S. Ski Team Development Coach. Bryan Fish


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Double Pole Distance in GTNP

Throwing in speed during a distance session up JHMR.

Team V2 Speed

David King V1 hop skate technique.