Nordic Program Sponsorship


Sponsorship Levels

Event Fence Sponsor. Term: 1 year

Western Club Championships Title Sponsor. Term: 1 year  

Sweatshirt Sponsor. Term: 1 year. 

Trail Creek Map/Grooming Report Sponsor. Term: 1 year

Three opportunities available at this level

  • Your 36’’x60’’ logo on 600ft of blue event fencing at Western Club Championships and future events
    • Prominent logo placement
    • Four logos alternating every 5ft
  • Logo displayed online at
  • Investment: $2000 for a one year period

One opportunity available at this level

  • Your logo displayed online at, on the course maps, and information e-mail blasts to Intermountain coaches and families
  • Title sponsor mentioned every hour by announcer each race day
  • Promotional material in team bib handouts.
  • Investment: $1000 for a one year period



Four opportunities available at this level

  • Your 3’’x1’’ logo on the JHSC Nordic Sweatshirt
  • Investment: $400 for a one year period


Four opportunities available at this level

  • Your logo displayed on the daily grooming report -
  • Your logo displayed on the Trail Map, displayed at the Trail Creek Cabin.
  • Investment $250 for a one year period










Custom Event Fence Sponsorship

Trail Creek hosts 1900 skiers days and 12 event days annually, which bring 1300 coaches, athletes, and parents to Jackson Hole from around the Intermountain region.  Season pass and daily pass sales subsidize 66% of Trail Creek’s operating costs.  Exposure for your business is not limited to solely Jackson Hole Nordic skiers.  The JHSC annually hosts the following events at Trail Creek bringing hundreds of people to Jackson Hole each year:
Regional Events
  • At least one of the following events is hosted at Trail Creek every year with 300 athletes, 25 coaches, and 200 spectators attending the three-day event.
    • U.S. Ski & Snowboard sanctioned Western Club Championships/Intermountain Youth Festival - 2021 Event
    • U.S Ski & Snowboard sanctioned Intermountain Opener 
    • Intermountain Junior Nationals Qualifier 
  • Annual Wyoming High School State Championship or Wyoming High School race
    • 140 athletes, 15 coaches, and 100 spectators attend the three-day event
Local Events
  • The Betty Woolsey Classic

    100 participants

    • The Sandbag Final
      • Local citizen race series
    • The NordicX
      • Fun, laid-back, end of the season party
Daily Exposure During Practice and Training Hours
  • The fence will be on display daily, with over 125 athletes and their parents visiting the venue every day.
Your 36’’x 60’’ logo will display on 600ft of custom blue event fencing. Four logos will alternate every 5ft for 600ft. 


Western Club Championships Title Sponsorship

Trail Creek Ranch. Wilson, WY. March 6-7 300+  athletes, 30 coaches, and 200 spectators attending the three-day event. Your banner will be posted on the event fencing during course inspection, during both races, and at the coaches meeting. The announcer at the race site will mention you as the title sponsor every hour throughout the day. You are welcome to include any promotional material, cards, or advertisements with the team bib handouts.

Sweatshirt Sponsorship

2019 Sweatshirt

Your sponsorship will include consistent brand exposure from November through March on 125 sweatshirts, and periodic exposure during off-season months Athletes on all of the JHSC Nordic teams wear the sweatshirts to school, weekly training sessions at Trail Creek, around the valley and Intermountain region at competitions. Sweatshirts will also be available for purchase by Masters, parents, and community members. Athletes and coaches will wear the sweatshirts at the following local, regional, and national events. 
Regional & National Events
  • December 11-13 Super Tour, Sun Valley, ID 
  • January 2 -3 FIS race, Soldier Hollow, UT
  • January 17-18 Junior National Qualifier #1, Soldier Hollow, UT
  • January 30-31 JNQ#2, Bozeman, MT 
  • February 14-15 JNQ#3 McCall, ID
  • February 26-27 Wyoming High School State Championship, Casper, WY
  • March 6-7 Western Club Championships, Jackson, WY
  • March 24-28 Spring Series, Sun Valley, ID
Local Circuit
  • December 26. JHSC Betty Woolsey Classic
  • January 9 Teton Ridge Classic Alta, WY

Trail Creek Trail Map/Grooming Report Sponsor



  • Your logo displayed on the daily grooming report -
  • Your logo displayed on the Trail Map, displayed at the Trail Creek Cabin.
  • Your logo displayed on the website

For any questions contact Nordic Program Director Will Wicherski  

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