Skateboard Camp FAQ's

Is skateboarding a good activity for my child?

Absolutely!  Skateboarding can teach your child way more about life than you realize.  First off, skateboarding is a great way to get exercise and stay active.  Physically, it helps you stay fit while developing coordination and balance.  Mentally, skateboarding helps you develop your creativity, work ethic, and confidence. 

Skateboarding is not easy.  It takes years and years of perseverance to really gain a solid grasp of the movements involved.  The lessons learned through that process are invaluable.  The sense of accomplishment that comes from finally landing a trick for the first time after days/weeks/months of attempts is inexplicable.  Skateboarding is also a great way to meet people, be social, and create lifelong friendships.  …Plus it’s really REALLY FUN!

Are the coaches qualified?

YES!  All of our coaches are lifelong skateboarders who eat, sleep, and breathe all that is the glory of skateboarding.  We are also experienced coaches and some are even the parent of their own young skateboarders.  Our first priority is always to make sure your kids are in a safe, fun, encouraging environment.  Our coaches have worked for JHSC for years as ski, snowboard, gymnastics, and/or skateboard coaches.  Skate coaches:

-Rob LaPier: JHSC Freeride Program Director, Wild West Skateboard Contest Series Organizer, skateboard stoke-spreader

-Kevin Bradford: JHSC Freeride Program Coach, Lifelong skateboarder, high-five giver

-Lance Pitman: JHSC Head Snowboard Coach/ Assistant Program Director, life-long skatboarder, jedi warrior

What type of skateboard does my child need?

Campers must have a “freestyle” skateboard  (for lack of a better description).  No longboards, no rollerblades, no scooters please.  Also, it is important to buy a “real” skateboard from a qualified skateshop (Jackson Treehouse or The Boardroom).  The “toys” that are for sale at box stores like K-Mart will only hinder your child’s progression.  (The trucks don’t turn, the wheels don’t roll and the boards fall apart quickly)

Can my child do just one day of camp?

Unfortunately no.  We only have 12 spots available per camp due to van size (15 passenger) and because we want to be respectful of the skateparks we visit: 12 campers + 3 coaches can be a big impact on any skatepark.  If you can find someone who is willing to fill your spot for the second day, then we’ll gladly let you switch people from one day to another. 

The only way we could make it work is if you showed up the morning of the camp with all your registration forms, your payment, and all your necessary gear for the day.  If we have a spot available on the day of the camp, then we’ll gladly get you in for one day.  This is a gamble since most of our camps sell out ahead of time.

Will my child actually learn anything in two days?

YES!  It’s amazing how quickly our campers progress once they’re given a little direction and inspiration.  Our professional, adult coaches have been skateboarding for the majority of their lives and have a wealth of knowledge to share.  Let us help you unlock the secrets of even the most difficult tricks.

How much experience does my child need before joining the camp?

NONE!  We are able to work with kids who are skating for the first day ever, all the way up to the next X Games superstars.  The skateparks we visit offer a variety of features of all shapes and sizes that appeal to skaters of all abilities.  We regularly have a variety of abilities within our groups.  With our strict 5:1 camper to coach ratio, everyone gets a ton of one-on-one coaching.

Is my child too young?

Our camps are open to skaters age 6 years and older, but only the parents can truly decide if their child is ready.  Our days are 8 hours of fun in the sun.  Not every child is ready for this much activity and social interaction.   Our coaches are very sensitive to young kids’ needs and energy levels and we do all we can to make kids comfortable and happy.  Please take the time to consider if your child is old enough to enjoy our camp.

Are seatbelts enforced?

Absolutely.  Every trip, every time, no exceptions.  Seatbelts are a mandatory JHSC policy and coaches will make sure all campers have them on before traveling, regardless of age.

Are there scholarships available?

JHSC's scholarship fund is for our winter programs only.

Is skateboarding dangerous?

Skateboarding is no more dangerous than any of the other activities we participate in (hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, etc).  A big part of what we teach at these camps is skatepark etiquette, safety, and good decision-making.  These are important ways we help to reduce risk.  Helmets are mandatory and other safety equipment is highly recommended (knee, elbow, wrist, hip pads). 

What happens if someone gets hurt?

Our coaches will be First Aid and CPR certified.  We always make a point of knowing the nearest clinic or hospital to our daily skate locations.  We always travel with first aid kits and will take every precaution when handling injuries.  We will also call your cell phone immediately in case of an emergency to make necessary plans. 

If my child gets hurt on the first day of camp, can we get a refund?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer refunds due to injury.  In order to staff the camps appropriately, we have to budget based on how many kids sign up by the registration deadlines.  As with life, skateboarding has inherent risks.  Please refer to our refund policy in registration forms for more details.

Are the lunches healthy?

Yes.  We purchase lunches daily from Lucky's Market and Broulim's deli (sandwich, chips, fruit, juice box).  We absolutely never get fast food.  Occasionally we’ll stop for ice cream or shakes if time allows (not included in camp cost).

Can we accommodate special dietary needs?

Yes.  Campers with special dietary requirements need to let us know on their registration materials and please remind coaches before the start of each camp.  Campers are welcome to bring their own lunches if they’d like, but there is no discount on camp fees in doing so.  Please remind coaches at the start of camp about any specific needs.

What happens if it rains?

If the weather looks like it’s supposed to downpour for the entire weekend, the camp may be rescheduled or canceled.  We’ve never had a camp get canceled due to weather.  Sometimes little storms roll through, but we do our best to pick skateparks that aren’t in the storm path or find fun skateboard related activities to wait it out i.e. skateboard maintenance workshops, skate videos, and (everyone’s favorite) sticker shopping at the Jackson Treehouse!  Even when it does rain the concrete parks dry out immediately due to our dry climate.


In the event that coaches witness bullying between campers, we will take appropriate action.  Results could include but are not limited to: loss of skateboarding privileges for the day, meeting with parents, expulsion from the rest of camp or future camps.

Do the camps fill up?

YES!  There are only 12 spots available per camp due to van size and out of respect for the skateparks we visit. 

Do I need to be a member of JHSC to take part in the summer camps?

NO!  …so tell your friends.

Is the camp open to girls as well as boys?

OF COURSE!  We want more girls/women involved with skateboarding!!   (…and yes, we’ve really been asked this)

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