February SAS Newsletter

January was a BUSY month for JHSC, with 19 days of hosted events, from FIS, IFSA, and USASA junior events to the first race of the Marg Cup Series fundraiser. Many of our students just finished their final exams for their first semester, right in the midst of races and competitions.

It's in these times that we really see Teamwork in action: it takes many hands to pull off this many events, from coaches, parent and community volunteers, and the race and event crews at the Club and our partner venues. 

Over the course of the month, coaches shared numerous anecdotes about their athletes displaying TEAMWORK - some of those kids are the winners of the Value of the Month award for January (see a full list with nominators' comments, below). A few really stuck with me, though: one Tuesday mid month, Alpine U12 Coach Neiko Razinger came in to prep for training and excitedly shared that he had already made his award nomination - an obvious choice! - of Charlotte Gorski, right after the North Series at Targhee. She was "just helping everyone, all weekend," he said, smiling. "Charlotte is always polite to everyone on the team. At Targhee, she was scraping boots, hiking down to bring her teammates' things up to the start (without being asked!) and generally being helpful to coaches and teammates throughout the weekend." Others have rallied to help clean up spaces at the Club, sweeping the U16/FIS locker rooms each week, or picking up trash in the foyer of the Snow King Center. Coach Brett Jacobson said of the FIS Teamwork award winner, Gus Clausen, that he "is the glue and the rock of the FIS team. He carries a positive outlook and consistent attitude all the time."  


Photos (and cover image): Adam Wirth, at the Caroline Classic Jan 7.


While all of our values are important every day at the Club, we think carefully about which to focus on each month from November to March, and our logic for TEAMWORK (Jan) and SPORTSMANSHIP (Feb) is that all of our teams really get going in January: by the third week, we have all 500 kids in the Club training. It's the month when every group comes together and, for many teams competing since November, begin to travel together weekly. Check out the Nordic program update, where Coaches Libby and Rob share how their teams have been giving kudos to one another at the end of training, or athletes' explicitly thank each other for helping them develop skills or calling attention to evidence of each others' growth. 

This month, we focus on SPORTSMANSHIP, which is so uniquely about oneself and others equally: there is a focus on how we conduct ourselves—ideally with integrity, dignity, and graciousness whether we win or lose, succeed or fail—but this inherently affects others, and our relationships to and with them. Being a good sport makes the day better for everyone, every time. When we are good stewards of our spaces, inside and outdoors, good examples to others, and encouragers of everyone—teammates and opponents—the snowsports community feels more like one big team, of which we're all really a part. 

-Grace Tirapelle


Value of the Month Award Winners for TEAMWORK!

Olivia Conklin, Alpine U10: "Olivia has a ton of enthusiasm for skiing and shares it with everyone around her. As a second year U10, she is always willing to share her knowledge with those new to the sport." - Coaches Matt Beauregard and Caroline Daley

Charlotte Gorski, Alpine U12: "Charlotte is always polite to everyone on the team. At this month's North Series race at Targhee, she was scraping boots, hiking down to bring her teammates' things up to the start (without being asked!) and generally being helpful to coaches and teammates." - Coaches Neiko, Turner, Mari, and BB

Nico Tozzi, Alpine U16: "Nico sets a good example, waxes skis, mentors, encourages, and cheers on teammates." - Coach Ned Lazarevic

Gus Clausen, Alpine FIS: "Gus is the glue and the rock of the FIS team. He carries a positive outlook and consistent attitude all the time. He's supportive, helpful, and puts forth 100% effort without any help from the outside." - Coach Brett Jacobson

Violet Kastor, Freeride Shredder: "Violet supports her teamates at the IFSA with positive language and energy. She is always making sure her group stays together. She contributed to this month's newsletter. Violet's just a burning light for the program." - Coach Max Wilbrecht, and the Freeride leadership

Andy Schilling, Freeride Progression: "Andy is always so positive to all his teamates and coaches." - Coach Mike Decker, and the Freeride Leadership

Evelyn Barkley, Nordic Teewinot: "Evelyn is a new Teewinot athlete this season who has attended every practice. She has embraced all aspects of the Teewinot Team, from games and drills to adventure skiing. Evelyn always has a kind kudo for her teammates and demonstrates great effort and perseverance. We can always count on Eveyln to lift our spirits and lend a helping hand." - Coach Libby Hall

Hailey Stec, Nordic Devo: "Hailey is always ready. She is aware of what's going on around her which helps her team focus and get the most out of every practice. Hailey sets examples of hard work, good listening, positive attitude, and being a supportive teammate." - Coach Kaya Morelli

Karsten Bessonette, Nordic Junior: "Karsten is dedicated to his team. He attends every practice and competition that he can possibly attend, and is a leader for those who need guidance. He is supportive of his teammates, and when he doesn't perform as well as he would like, he keeps a positive attitude." - Coach George Cartwright

Come see all of our award winners, featured on the stairwell banner at the Club offices at Snow King!


Academic-Support Program Going Strong

This year, JHSC piloted an academic support program for athletes in full-time online school programs. Students meet at the Club from 8:45-noon, Tuesdays–Fridays, to enjoy a quiet, focused study environment with help from the SAS Director as needed. They are working hard, and the flexibility they gain by being able to work before and after training has helped them with time management, creating more space during the winter season to focus on training and race travel. If you'd like to learn more about the program, reach out to Grace.

Oliver Sanders and Mattias Wilson

Kye Bessette and Atticus Sanders, working on an AP Environmental Science lab

The SAS director is also available for academic support weekday afternoons after training for anyone who needs a little extra work time. Please email Grace (gtirapelle@jhskiclub.org) to arrange a time to meet.


Alumni Spotlight: Bennett Balogh

Bennett, who skied to USASA nationals with the Freeride Program in 2019, is competing in his second-ever world cup (and in just under two months!) Feb 1-4: Read about his time with JHSC in February's Alumni Spotlight 

Bennett at the Copper Mountain World Cup in Dec. 2022


Upcoming SAS Dates to note: 

Next Eligibility check for all students G6-12: February 8