SAS November Newsletter

JHSC Core Values & Monthly Themes (November - March)

Part of the JHSC Vision is to “build champions in sport and in life”. We define champion as both a noun and a verb. As a noun, a champion is both “someone who pursues personal excellence” and “a winner”. As a verb, “to champion” is to “promote a cause or a mission” and “to fight for and defend values”. 
The Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club focuses on five core values that guide the culture of the JHSC, drive our daily actions, define our success and direct the character development fostered in the athletes. These values are not just words; rather, they drive decisions and actions in both sport and life at every level. From the leadership of the Club, to the coaches, to the parents, to the athletes, to how the Club is represented in the community. 

FUN drives participation and sustains our efforts, making it the most important aspect of a healthy youth-sports culture.

TEAMWORK represents all the ways that we work together and communicate in order to accomplish things far greater than we could alone.

COMMITMENT means striving to be at one’s best, overcoming challenges, and reaching goals to strengthen both the club and the individual.

SPORTSMANSHIP extends beyond sport, teaching youth to be fair, inclusive, respectful, humble in victory, and gracious in defeat.

COMPETITION focuses on the whole process of preparations, as an athlete and a person, to be prepared to perform for anything you choose.

November is the JHSC month of FUN!
Fun is what sustains all our efforts. Research clearly states that fun is what is most important in youth sport (and too often overlooked). This is also what top World Cup athletes point to as the primary factor in sustaining their success. This value is expressed in many forms including pure joy and mutual passion for the sport. Fun also provides the motivation to recover from injury and commit to the more grueling aspects of pursuing  our goals. Fun is about enjoying the entire community of the Club and being with others that share all the excitement of skiing and snowboarding.
                              Hear from athletes who inspire FUN at JHSC!                              
This month we asked our Coaches to nominate athletes who embody fun while training! We asked nominees:  
"What do you think is the most fun part about being an athlete with the JHSC,
and how do you encourage others to have fun?"

"The most fun part of being a JHSC athlete is the time I spend with my peers and friends. We have a great time together and enjoy our coaches. I encourage others to be open minded about what they are learning from the Free Ride Program in an effort to improve the overall fun we have together during dry land and skiing training sessions."
Cullen Barnhardt
Freeski Progression Team

"One of my favorite parts about JHSC is that the coaches push you to your limits in a fun way so you want to keep progressing.  One fun thing we have been doing is hiking Snow King~  this will increase my stamina for when we start hiking this winter.  Another thing I enjoy is the climbing wall~  it is helping me build my core strength and arm strength. I encourage others to have fun by showing them what I like to do so that they will have fun too!"
Porter Farren
Freeski Progression Team

"The funnest part about being a JHSC Freerider is skiing with my friends, progressing and helping others to progress. I like to encourage my fellow freeriders to get stoked to go out and just have fun skiing!!"
Taz McBride
Freeski Progression Team

"The most fun part about being an JHSC athlete is that you get to travel, race, train, and for the most part you get to be with your friends.  I encourage others to have fun by having fun and skiing with creativity."
Sage Kandolin
U12 Alpine Team

“Having fun at JHSC is having fun with friends and being up for anything. I can encourage others by cheering them on and helping them get past their fears.”
Bryer Strand
U12 Alpine Team

“The most fun part is to be with friends and getting better at skiing.  Encourage others to have fun by always smiling and let the little things pass by without making them big.”
Bard Barnett
U12 Alpine Team

“The fun part is being part of a team and doing something new.  I think the coaches are a lot of fun too. I’m trying this sport for the first time and if you’re like me, I’m excited to learn together and get really good!”
Emma Gersack
Junior Nordic Team

"The most fun and exciting part about being a JHSC athlete is feeling as though I am part of a team and that I have to work to help that team. I encourage others to have fun by cheering them on and letting letting them know that their contribution counts.  Boosting teammates makes it more fun for everyone!”
Charlie Von Maur-Newcomb
Junior Nordic Team

"The most fun part about being a JHSC athlete in the backcountry program is having the opportunity to do something I have never done before.  It really makes skiing exciting (and scary).  I felt that I was able to ski areas that very few people have ever skied before.  I learned so much with Blake last year, I can't wait to do it again.  I didn't think I would enjoy the program as much as I did. When you are skinning for hours at a time, you get to know the people in your group really well.  It was a good thing that we all got along- I also ate a lot of candy. That was fun, but not the most fun part.  I earned it!"
Charlie Kilgrow