SAS March Newsletter

March is the JHSC month of COMPETITION!

Competition is about learning to perform rather than focusing on results. This involves the whole process of preparation as both an athlete and a person. The greatest competitor is one who is best prepared for anything. A true competitive spirit is shown in exhibiting the ability to perform - on-demand, when it counts - and incorporating all that has been learned. Competition as a value is more about the behaviors and attitudes that lead to doing one’s best and reaching one’s highest potential in all things. 

FUN drives participation and sustains our efforts, making it the most important aspect of a healthy youth-sports culture.

TEAMWORK represents all the ways that we work together and communicate in order to accomplish things far greater than we could alone.

COMMITMENT means striving to be at one’s best, overcoming challenges, and reaching goals to strengthen both the club and the individual.

SPORTSMANSHIP extends beyond sport, teaching youth to be fair, inclusive, respectful, humble in victory, and gracious in defeat.

COMPETITION focuses on the whole process of preparations, as an athlete and a person, to be prepared to perform for anything you choose.


Athletes are gearing up for a BUSY month packed with COMPETITIONS!

Athletes will be traveling to: Mammoth, Sun Valley, Big Sky, Snowbird, Alyeska, Park City, Sugar Bowl / Alpine Meadows, Soldier Hollow 

... & the list just keeps going!

A look back at some of the athletes competing in February: 

Taz Mcbride (U12)
1st overall in the IFSA SK - Finished 1st overall
Photo by Ryan Busch

Ashe Bessette (U12)
Competing in the IFSA SK - Finished 2nd overall
Photo by Ryan Busch

Bennet Hultman (U12)
Competing in the IFSA SK - Finished 12th Overall
Photo by Ryan Busch

Annalise Fleck (FIS PG) racing her brother Felix (U10)
Competing in the BoJH Club Series Parent/Athlete Dual
Photo by Lexie Dreschel, U12 Coach

Rico Zorkendorfer racing his son Benedict (U10)
Competing in the BoJH Club Series Parent/Athlete Dual
Photo by Lexie Dreschel, U12 Coach


Alumni Network - A Team for Life

Calling all JHSC alumni!

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Athlete Highlight: Paralympic Gold Medalist, Brenna Huckaby, on COMPETITION



1. This month’s Value of the Month is competition. How has competition influenced your snowboarding career?

I love to compete. I grew up competing in gymnastics and am naturally competitive. Recently, it became an inhibitor. I got focused on winning; it consumed me and created anxiety. I realized the importance of having fun, pushing myself to see how far I could go. Ultimately, I realized that it’s about competing with myself, and that’s my new focus. 


2. What is a challenge you encountered during your career as an athlete, and how did you overcome it? 

I wouldn’t have had a career in snowboarding without the challenge of losing my leg to cancer. After amputation, the hospital sent me on a rehabilitation trip to Park City where I learned to snowboard for the first time. Snowboarding reminded me of being on a balance beam, and I found freedom in the challenge. From there, I continued pursuing snowboarding because I was so determined to be good at it. Snowboarding gave me the opportunity to not be great at something in the beginning but work towards an overall goal of being great. 


3. What’s one piece of advice you have for up and coming JHSC athletes?

It doesn’t matter where you finish; it matters who you are at the finish line. 




Huckaby made her Paralympic debut at the Paralympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, winning gold in both snowboardcross and banked slalom in the LL1 classification. She owns four world championship medals; gold in snowboardcross and silver in banked slalom from 2015, and gold in both from 2017. In 2018, she received an ESPY Award in the Best Female with a Disability category and later became the first athlete with a disability to pose in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.


THANK YOU to all of our Athletes & Families for following JHSC Covid-19 Policies & Procedures.

We could not do this without YOU and YOUR COMMITMENT.

In the words of Ali Sehnert, Executive Director of JHSC:

"I believe in our safety protocols.

Wearing masks, maintaining physical distance and being OUTSIDE are huge benefits for us to continue doing what we love to do. 

To allow us to keep doing what we love, we need "constant vigilance" - in the words of Albus Dumbledore. 

Please keep up the good work. Together we CAN make this work."


Again, THANK YOU for your efforts.