Rendezvous River Sports Karen Oatey PPP

April 4, 2020

2020 Event Details Coming Soon



The Rendezvous River Sports Karen Oatey Pole Pedal Paddle is a five-leg race that starts on Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and finishes at Astoria Hot Springs Park in Snake River Canyon. The race, where contestants compete either individually or in teams, consists of an alpine ski/snowboard leg, a short running leg, a cross-country ski leg, a bicycle leg, and a boating leg. The PPP is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year.  JHSC, the town of Jackson's oldest non-profit, is dedicated to providing attainable alpine, Nordic, and freeride (snowboard & freeski) programs to Jackson's youth.





Click the below logo to receive a 20% discount at Mountain Modern Motel (prices reflect discount).  Large groups should book directly with MMM Sales Manager, Spencer Long at  307-733-4342 or  Mention "JHSC" when booking for best rate.

Amenities include bunk rooms, tuning space, pool, complimentary breakfast, complimentary START Bus passes to Stilson Parking Lot in Wilson as well as Teton Village.  The Mountain Modern is walking distance to numerous downtown restaurants and shops, plus close proximity to Snow King Mountain.


Event Info

All Online Information Updated 3/21/19. Any minute changes will be EMAILED to competitors!!



Bib Pick-Up –

2pm-6pm downstairs in the Snow King Center (area below JHSC office, 100 East Snow King Ave).  Staff will be available to answer event questions. There will be no pre-race meeting.  

  • IMPORTANT- please have the alpine leg racer complete the online JHMR release HERE

Alpine Course Inspection –

Friday 2pm-4pm from the top of Teton lift at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (Teton closes at 3:40). Only side slipping will be allowed during inspections; running the course with speed will result in disqualification and possible pulling of your pass.  You do not need your bib to inspect. There will be no course inspection on the day of the race. Lift tickets for racers (without a JHMR Grand Pass) will be available at bib pickup 2pm-6pm. Racers who need tickets must come to bib pickup first at Snow King.  JHMR Grand Pass holders must use their pass. 

Nordic Course Inspection –

Shooting Star will allow the Nordic skier on each team to preview the course on Friday from 9:30am-3pm. Please sign in at Shooting Star’s Nordic Center/Golf Shop (located east of Shooting Star’s Clubhouse). They will have a list of competitors who may access the trails. If you have not yet given us the name of your Nordic racer, they will have to check in based on your team name.  If they are not on the list and don’t know their team name, they will not be permitted on the course.

Boat Drop-Off –

Boats must be dropped off Friday evening after you receive your bib packet. Place your boat number on the starboard bow (right-hand side, front end, above the water line). Please follow boat placement signs at the river. Snake River Fund will host a picnic at the drop off from 3pm-7pm. Security will be provided from 7pm-9am. After 9am, we will have JHSC staff on site.



Gear Drop Off –

  • Bikes and Nordic gear are dropped off at Shooting Star Maintenance Lot 6am-8am.  Please look for signs designating the drop-off areas. There is NO PARKING at the Shooting Star Maintenance Lot, only temporary access for gear drop. There will be no car access to Shooting Star Maintenance Lot between 8am-10am.  Shuttles provided (see below).  Maintenance lot entrance is off the Moose Wilson Road/Hwy 390 on the left about a mile before Teton Village (when heading north).  See detailed maps of all course sections on "course and venue" tab 
  • Running gear may be dropped off at the finish arena behind Caldera House in the Village Commons (it will be well marked).  

Alpine –

Competitors must wear a helmet. Tickets are provided for racers without a Grand Pass or a Weekend Pass at bib pickup. Please remember to BRING YOUR PASS with you! THIS IS A NEW ROUTE THIS YEAR BEGINNING AT THE TOP OF TETON LIFT. See detailed maps of all course sections on "course and venue" tab to ensure you know where you are going. Fun Class and Racing Class BOTH start at top of Teton lift. The course will be an open GS course. Competitors must go around all gates. We will have gatekeepers on all sections of the course. Missing/omitting gates is subject to penalty and/or disqualification for you and your team!

  • Fun Class starts at 8am with Le Mans-style start: 6-8 people will run, click/strap into their gear and then race the course together. Load the Sweetwater Gondola at 7am. Competitors will not be allowed on the Gondola after 8:00am. Go directly to race start at the Top of Teton Lift.  Anyone lapping Teton or the Gondola will be disqualified. You will receive your team’s specific start time at bib pick-up. 
  • Racing Class will start from top of TETON at approximately 8:15am. Individual starts at 30-second intervals.  Load the Sweetwater Gondola at 7am. Competitors will not be allowed on the Gondola after 8:00am. Go directly to race start at the Top of Teton Lift.  Anyone lapping Teton or the Gondola will be disqualified. You will receive your team’s specific start time at bib pick-up.

Run –

The 1.3 mile run starts at the alpine transition (In the Village Commons) and will finish at the Shooting Star Maintenance Lot.  From Teton Village Commons, runners will enter the alley between Caldera House & Crystal Springs Lodge, turn right at the corner of Teton Village Sports, then proceed to McCollister Rd. Turn left on McCollister, then turn right on Teton Village Road. Runner will be on the side of the road until they get to intersection of Teton Village Rd and Highway 390 where they’ll turn right (south) ONTO THE GROOMED, SNOW-COVERED PATHWAY until reaching entrance to Shooing Star facility entrance. THIS PATHWAY IS GROOMED SNOW SURFACE! Prepare for snow and ice throughout running leg. Follow signage.  See detailed maps of all course sections on "course and venue" tab 

Nordic -  

The cross-country leg will be approximately 6.5k. Skate or Classic allowed. It will start and finish at the Shooting Star Maintenance lot.  See detailed maps of all course sections on "course and venue" tab

Bike –  

  • Helmets are required.
  • Cyclists must follow all traffic signs and signals.
  • Prepare for snow & ice throughout biking leg
  • Please use port-a-potties at Shooting Star – NOT the snow banks or trees
  • Drafting is not permitted.  Cycling leg will be monitored.  See rules tab for details 
  • Competitors will ride south on Highway 390 (Moose Wilson Road) from Shooting Star Maintenance Lot to traffic light at intersection with Highway 22.   Personnel will be managing traffic at intersection.  Racers must obey all traffic laws.
  • Take a left onto Highway 22.  Continue on 22 for 2.6 miles. 
  • IMPORTANTThe turn off highway 22 is at the entrance to Indian Springs subdivision.  It will be marked and there will be volunteer directing racers.  It is a QUICK swerve to enter pathway – slow down and be alert.  
  • Continue on pathway until it meets back up with road - stay right onto Tribal Trails  Road (This is the only section of race on a community pathway). 
  •  After this section of pathway cyclists will return to the road.  Follow road 2244 to intersection of South Park Loop Road  (a volunteer will be managing traffic at intersection).
  • Continue south on South Park Loop, follow as road bends to the left.
  • Take right onto US HWY 189/26 and continue south until the South Park Bridge south of Game Creek.
  • Turn LEFT just after South Park Bridge onto the NEW SOUTH PARK BOAT RAMP, South of South Park Bridge
  • Follow road to the LEFT down to bike drop at the restrooms (do NOT go right to boat ramp) Be aware of ice.
  • Take plowed pathway along water on foot from parking lot to the boat staging area
  • See detailed maps of all course sections on "course and venue" tab 

Boat –

Boat start is at the NEW South Park Boat Ramp, south of South Park Bridge.  Life jackets are required for each competitor on the river.  We recommend for teams that the boater start at the boat launch to ensure they are there before the cyclist arrives.

  • The PPP finish line will be UPSTREAM from the red bridge at the Astoria Boat Ramp, river right take out.  Look for inflatable finish line arch.  See attached map of finish area for details.
  • NOTE:  The finish is BEFORE the red bridge at the Astoria Boat Ramp (we said it twice for a reason).  The old finish area south of the red bridge is off limits to all PPP participants in an effort to preserve fragile riverbanks.  Any racers entering this area will be disqualified.
  • New finish location does not have an eddy.  Please be aware of river flows and be prepared to pull out at Astoria Boat Ramp.
  • If you miss the boat ramp, pull out at eddy after bridge and walk/run up bank to finish line. Your boat does not need to cross finish line.
  • River competitors will need to cross the finish line on the shore at Astoria Boat Ramp.  
  • Be sure to have timing chips low to the ground when crossing finish line.
  • See detailed maps of all course sections on "course and venue" tab 

Gear –

All competitors are responsible for having a support crew to collect gear at each transition.  If you plan to leave your jacket at the top, do not bring your favorite jacket to the start of the alpine leg.  JHSC is not responsible for lost or stolen gear.  Please label all your gear.


This race is a gear game! With various weather conditions, we encourage everyone to prepare with new, dry layers at most legs!


Support Crew Parking-

Parking is VERY tight this year with all the snow.  You must follow these parking guidelines for the safety of cyclists and other motorists:

  • Parking near Shooting Star Maintenance facility:  ONLY park in the following locations
    • Hwy 390 Northbound lane – park ONLY south of the Shooting Star Maintenance entrance as far off shoulder as possible
    • Hwy 390 Southbound lane - park ONLY north of the Shooting Star Maintenance entrance as far off shoulder as possible
      • ABSOLUTELY DO NOT park on the south side of the Shooting Star entrance in the southbound lane.  Cyclists leaving the facility need as much room on the shoulder as possible.
  • Parking near South Park Boat Ramp:
    • NO PARKING at the boat ramp facility during the race
    • All support crew vehicles must park on the west side of hwy 191 on Munger Mtn Rd or at the Wadsworth Construction Staging area and then WALK through the new tunnel connecting the boat ramp
    • See "course and venue" tab and look for support crew parking map
    • CAUTION: construction area may require 4WD if surface of road is not frozen
    • Please make sure to park in a way that does not obstruct traffic or parks anyone in.
    • All gear must be shuttled through tunnel back to cars in order to create the safest possible situation for our cyclists turning into bike to boat transfer.
    • Thank you for your compliance!



Bibs & Timing Chips –

Bibs must be visible at all times. Timing chips are worn on your left ankle. Both are handed off to the next racer of your team. Other members of your team may not transfer the bib/chip for the competitor.   **$100 replacement fee if timing chip is not turned in at the finish.


Disqualification - The following will result in disqualification:


  • Not wearing a life jacket during boat leg.
  • Having dogs on/near course or finish. (dogs must be on a leash, please clean up after them)
  • Interfering with other racers (this includes racers’ support teams).
  • Parking on highway shoulders between Shooting Star Maintenance entrance and South Park Bridge.
  • Lapping Teton lift or Gondola before alpine start.
  • Following racers in vehicles during bicycle leg.
  • Following your team in a vehicle and creating a traffic obstruction.


Awards –

The Snake River Sporting Club Awards Celebration will take place at Astoria Hot Springs Park in Snake River Canyon from 11am to 3pm. NEW THIS YEAR, we will host the Astoria Hot Springs Park Groundbreaking Ceremony at 12:30pm. Awards presentation and raffle begins at 1:30pm (or as close as results allow).  You must be present to win raffle prizes! Beginning at 11am Little Red Café will be selling food. CASH ONLY! Melvin Brewing will have beer – you will have to purchase beer tickets from JHSC.  There will be music from DJ Vert One, games, heated tent and free high fives.  T-shirts and raffle tickets for sale at JHSC tent as well.

Parking  -

  • Teton Village: JHMR Ranch Lot is free 6:30am-9am for PPP participants.  See below for shuttles
  • Shooting Star Maintenance Lot: There is no parking at this location. You may drop off Nordic and bike gear from 6a-8am.  After 8am, shuttle access only
    • Support crews may park on Highway 390 NORTH of the Shooting Star Maintenance when heading southbound or SOUTH of the Shooting Star Maintenance Facility when heading northbound.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO PARKING on highway 390, south of the Shooting Start Maintenance entrance
  • Bike to Boat exchange: Parking is ONLY ON MUNGER MOUNTAIN ROAD south of South Park Bridge.  There is no parking of vehicles on the South Park Boat Ramp. Please slow down and be aware of bikers turning left into ramp.  
  • Astoria / Finish Line Area: Please park over the red bridge on the right at the Snake River Sporting Club’s maintenance lot.  There is NO PARKING at Astoria boat Ramp this year due to wet conditions. Designated event shuttles will bring boats to designated drop off location over east side of red bridge.   
    • Parking on the highway is highly discouraged.  If you must park there, please make sure your car is fully out of the travel lane. Violators will be towed.  


Shuttle –

  • Morning: JHMR’s red bus shuttle from Ranch Lot to the alpine-run exchange from 6:30-9am.  (drops at the Tram)
  • JHSC shuttles running from alpine-run exchange to run-Nordic-bike exchange 7:45am – 10am. (picks up at corner of Village Drive & Old McCollister Drive by the Hostel)
  • Afternoon: A shuttle will run between the finish line area at Astoria Hot Springs Park and K Mart plaza in Jackson from 11am-3pm.
  • START Bus is available between KMart and Teton Village.
  • DO NOT follow your team in a vehicle as disqualification will result and the WY Highway Patrol will issue citations for creating traffic obstructions.


Karen Oatey Scholarship Endowment Fund - 
The Karen Oatey Scholarship Endowment Fund at the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club has been established by her loving family as a way to share Karen’s love for winter sports with young athletes in financial need. The fund honors Karen’s desire to give back to the community while supporting Jackson Hole’s young athletes as they develop their own passion for winter sports and the outdoors.

Karen's family and husband, David Landes, have committed $160,000 for ten years ($16,000 annually) to ensure the most amazing community event possible with our Karen Oatey Pole Pedal Paddle. Please consider making a donation today! All donations will go directly to the Karen Oatey Scholarship Endowment!  Click following link and select the “Karen Oatey Scholarship Endowment”:


Pledge sheets will be available at the Snake River Sporting Club awards ceremony at the JHSC tent. Thanks for your support!


Astoria Groundbreaking

All are invited to join the Astoria Park Conservancy for a groundbreaking ceremony at 12:30pm at the PPP awards celebration.  Help us celebrate the APC reaching it’s fundraising goal of $6M and the forthcoming Astoria Hot Springs Park, due to break ground this spring.


Special thanks to the Jackson Hole Travel & Tourism Board, Rendezvous River Sports, Snake River Sporting Club, The Trust for Public Land, Snake River Fund, Shooting Star and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

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