October Nordic Newsletter

2018-19 JHSC Nordic Sponsors

We'd like to thank the following sponsors who have signed on for the 2018-19 season, and for offering their support directly that directly benefits the Nordic program. We're still seeking Gold level sponsors and as an incentive we are offering a 30% discount for businesses or organizations that sign on for the season.  For more information contact Nordic Program Director Ben Morley - bmorley@jhskiclub.org

2018-19  Sponsor Sign Ups

Event Fence & Sweatshirt Sponsor. Term: 4 years 

Intermountain Youth Championships Title Sponsor & Sweatshirt Sponsor.

Sweatshirt Sponsors

Four opportunities available at this level

  • Your 36’’x60’’logo on 600ft of blue event fencing
    • Prominent logo placement
    • Four logos alternating every 5ft
  • Your 3’’x1’’ logo on the JHSC Nordic Sweatshirt
  • Logo displayed online at JHskiclub.org
  • Investment: $1800 annually for a four year period
  • October special 30% off-$1260 annual for a four year period


Excel Physical Therapy


Jackson Hole Home


2017-2021 JHSC Race Suit Sponsors 

Thanks to the below sponsors we have consistent support year to year. Look for a new race suit design and an opportunity to get on the suit in 2021.


Nordic Program Manual

The Nordic program manual has been updated and is current for the 2018-19 season. Check out the manual for details about how each team is designed differently to uniquely focus on the domains of General Athlete Development, Physical Fitness, Technical, Tactical, Mental and Social, and Competition. New this season we have included a skills assessment routine that is specific to each phase of development. Coaches will regularly be working on the assessment throughout the season. Check out the link below to view the manual.

Nordic Program Manual

Internal Gear Swap. October 16

There are number of opportunities this month to dial in your athlete's equipment needs. If you have questions about what is needed or what we recommend don't hesitate to contact your teams head coach. On October 16th at 6 p.m. we wil hold an internal gear swap at the Snow King JHSC office. If you're looking to pass on outgrown equipment or score equipment from a fellow teammate this is a great opportunity.  There will be other opportunities at the official JHSC ski swap on the 20th and Skinny Skis team night on the 22nd where athletes receive 30% off.

Comp Team Update

Coaches: Ben Morley - bmorley@jhskiclub.org
Scott Lacy- slacy@jhskiclub.org.

The crisp mornings, rain, and change of colors is another reminder that ski season is right around the the corner. What comes with a shift the seasons comes a shift in training emphasis as we enter the pre-comp phase of training on our yearly cycle. Comp team athletes following a base endurance, pre-comp, comp, and recovery cycle within one yearly cycle. Base endurance starts in May and ended last week. Pre comp runs from now until the beginning of December when the important races begin. The comp phase lasts through the season right before you hit the recovery phase, just as we get ready for the cycle again. Athletes will step down the volume training ever so slightly during the pre comp phase, but are still sure to hit all of their hourly marks. Generally speaking more intensity, level 4 intervals, speed, specific strength, technique, and roller ski sessions will work their way into the weekly plans. Because it's important for a Nordic athlete to be a well rounded athlete, running, general strength training, fall sports and activities will continue to be a part of of a balance training plan.  More fall sport Comp team athletes will work these sport specific training sessions into their weekly routine as we near the West Yellowstone Camp in November. 

The yearly parent/athlete Comp team meeting will take place on October 11th at 6p.m. in the Snow King Lodge Room.  

Prep Team Update

Coaches: Ben Morley - bmorley@jhskiclub.org
Scott Lacy- slacy@jhskiclub.org.

The Prep team was created during the 2015-16 season and was designed to help foster the U16 athletes from the Junior Team onto the Comp Team. The intention behind introducing this new team was to provide a more focused training plan that not only better fits the athletes’ biological age but also helps develop athletes so they will be ready and more capable of handling the training demands and level of commitment that is required to be on the Comp Team. Athletes are able to lease top of the line Rossignol race skis from JHSC as they continue to grow and need high quality equipment to excel in the sport.  The Prep Team has been an important addition the JHSC Nordic program and has proven to be successful in the realms of enrollment, club engagement of parents and athletes, and results. While some Prep team athletes are currently training specifically for Nordic this fall, the majority of Prep team athletes have been active in their respective fall sport. As we enter the pre-comp phase of training before the West Yellowstone Camp, coaches  will be in communication with athlete and parents about working more strength training and Nordic specific training into their weekly plans. 

We are excited to announce that Teewinot Head Coach Sevi Haen will be joining the Prep and Comp teams 2-3 days per week when she is not working with the Teewinots this winter.

The yearly parent/athlete Prep team meeting will take place on October 11th at 6p.m. in the Snow King Lodge Room.  

Junior Team Update

Head Coach- Calvin Wight - cwight@jhskiclub.org

Junior Head Coach Calvin Wight and Junior coach is currently working on training plans for the upcoming season. Fall dry-land will officially start October 22nd and will run four days per week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Coaches and athletes will be establishing a fundamental movement assessment routine that will include active movements and dynamic stretching with correct technique to train neuromuscular development before the athletes hit the ski trails. A fun and well balance training plan will also include ski imitation drills, distance running, light strength training, games, roller-skiing and a physical test week.  We're excited to have some veteran Junior team athletes returning to lead the charge for the up and coming athletes from the Development Team. "I cannot wait to get the Junior Nordic Team together for some quality dry land training on October 22nd! The Junior Nordic team is a great time and opportunity for any athlete to progress within the program. If you have friends that might be interested in joining, we always welcome new faces!" -Coach Calvin

The yearly parent/athlete Prep team meeting will take place on October 18th at 6p.m. in the Snow King Lodge Room.  

Development Team Update

Head Coach: Rob Murphy - rmuprhy@jhskiclub.org

Coach Rob Murphy will be leading the charge again for the Development team along with retired High School coach Rainer Kenney. As some Development team athletes were involved with summer training one day per week, it's only appropriate for us to being dry-land training with this group starting in November. Thanks to coach Rob for keeping the Nordic stoke alive through the summer months. He will reach out with pre-season details before the yearly team meeting.
The yearly parent/athlete Prep team meeting will take place on October 17th at 6p.m. in the Snow King Lodge Room.  

Lollipopper/Teewinot Teams Update

Head Coach: Sevi Hagen- shagen@jhskiclub.org

The Lollipopper and Teewinot teams are considered the foundation of the Nordic program. Strong enrollment, good coach to athlete ratios, and fun and varied activity is key to each team succeeding. JHSC supporters and the Nordic community has been instrumental in talking up the quality of programing, this continues to be one of our strong recruiting tools. Sevi Hagen will be back as Teewinot Head Coach. Over her tenure at JHSC, she has established a strong rapport with teachers and parents.  Libby Hall will be returning with the Lollipoppers and we welcome retired kindergarten teacher Ann Mackley to the coaching staff.

The yearly parent/athlete meetings will be held in December prior to Christmas break. Stay tuned for details from coach Sevi.