Nordic October Newsletter

Revving Up!

With the addition of fall sport athletes, the commencement of Junior and Development dry-land training, and Trail Creek clean up on Saturday, there are signs that everything we prepare for will soon become a reality.  Comp team athletes have been training for 5 solid months in preparation for the next few months. Prep, Junior and even some Development athletes also put in a solid amount of specific and non-specific training over the course of the last few months. Now that official fall dry-land training has started, attendance has ben very strong at every level and the excitement and energy is building.

Broad Jump

Comp Team Intensifies

The Park City Nordic Team joined the comp team for a few days of intensity/volume training last week.. It was fun having Park City to keep us on our toes and to give us a chance to stay in touch with our competitive edge. Skate relay intervals, our renowned double pole time trial and the mountain run up to surprise lake yesterday (all with PC), on top of our team intervals on Tuesday, maintaining our strength routine and finding quickness in games with the Alpine team on Wednesday rounded out a solid week of volume and intensity training. 

Surprise Lake Hike
Surprise Lake Hike. 3ft of snow!

Comp team athletes have made it through a significant training load and will take things a little easier until the West Yellowstone camp. With that in mind they are still cranking up the intensity within the weekly training routine and moving towards more specific strength activities. There will be one more test week that will include the 3000m running time trial, the double pole time trial, the canadian strength test, and the Hagen running time trial. 

Team Results:

Double Pole Time Trial

Canadian Strength Test

3000m Running Time Trial

Hagen Running Time Trial

With the season just around the corner, the Comp teams strength routine shifting into a higher level of focus. Athletes will continue strength activities during on snow training that will be primarily be specific and maintenance based, but the next few weeks will be designed to get the absolute most out of their weekly strength routine. There will be an emphasis on more explosive and plyometric exercises that are executed with optimal technique. Athletes will continue with a lot of pulling and upper body exercises, but at a higher intensity and higher rate. 

Prep Team Update

With a fantastic week of technique and specific strength in the books, Prep athletes are building on a strong athletic foundation from their fall sports and are progressing quickly on building confidence on our rollerskis! They will continue progressing with technique as well as building up cardio and endurance training this week in anticipation of being strong on skis for the West Yellowstone Training camp later in the month. Prep team athletes will be joining the Comp team for test week and will begin to work more in unison with the Comp team as they progress in their training.

Junior Team Dry-land

With a strong foundation of summer training we have more prepared Junior athletes who are ready continuing the technical fundamentals on roller skis. Younger athletes and more experienced athletes are also working on some fundamental movement exercises that incorporate full body awareness, coordination, and a more neuromuscular adaption. Athletes are also in the process of rounding out their test week with the mile time trial,  butte time trial, strength test and physical assessment test.

Development Team Dry-land

This is the first year we have introduced fall dry-land to the development team. Overall fitness, fundamental movement drills, games, and agility exercise will kick start the season for the Devo crew. As we continue to gradually raise the bar of te Development team, new activities, more training sessions and more joint training sessions with the Junior team will aid in the 'development' of our young and impressionable athletes. 

Lollipopper Team Opportunity!

The Lollipopper team registration is open and available to beginners who are totally new to the sport or more experienced adventure skiers. We offer an equipment lease program for only $55 to take that will take care of your equipment needs. With a very affordable program fee this is a great opportunity to introduce your little tyke to the sport of cross country skiing.  Only one day per week gives them an opportunity to try out the sport in combination with other sports and activities. If you have any questions contact Lolllipopper and Teewinot Head Coach Sevi Hagen  -

Register for Lollipopers 

Trail Creek Clean Up

The Trail Creek Clean Up is this Saturday the 4th! As always we need help with setting up the bully barn for the pisten bully, cleaning the cabins, collecting already cut wood, weed whacking, brush trimming, chopping firewood, and more. This year we will be spreading mulch on designated areas of the trail to allow for smother ground and earlier skiing.  Please check in with Johnny Springer or Ben Morley between 9-10 a.m. on Saturday before starting any work.

Trail Crew. Check in with Ben Morley.  We will break into groups and have group leaders. Please bring an open bed 4x4 truck if you have one., we only need 5 trucks. Sign up as a group leader with a 4x4 open bed truck on this google sheet.

Collect ALREADY cut firewood rounds and bring back to the cabin (6 inches to 3 feet) clear trails and create burn piles. On the way out to Woolsey Woods Loop, take a truck full of mulch to evan out trails. Important to check in with Ben Morley for Instructions.

Volunteer for Trail Creek Clean Up

Purchase a Trail Creek Season Pass

Last year was a tough year on the Pisten Bully but the community stepped up to help the ski club make some vital repairs to ensure it's continued operation. Your support and trail pass purchases enable us to replace expensive grooming equipment like this. To ensure our continued operation, please don't forget to purchase your Trail Creek Season pass. If you have an athlete in the program, remember that their trail pass is covered in their program fee.

Season Pass Info & Grooming Report





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