May Nordic Newsletter

JHSC Nordic Update

In the world of nordic ski racing, April is the quietest month of the entire year.  Athletes have been resting, alpine skiing, participating in other spring sports, and preparing for the upcoming season!  Although most of the athletes were taking it easy, a few nordic racers stepped up and raced in the Pole Pedal Paddle earlier this month!  Despite the cancellation of the nordic ski leg due to lack of snow at Shooting Star, Des Concannon walked away with the overall win for individual racers and JHSC nordic alumni Elijah Weenig placed second overall!  We also saw a JHSC nordic-only team of Peter Concannon, Sam Sinclair, and Lucas Wilmot that did awesome.  Colton Petsch also did the running leg for a youth racing team.  There were three family teams with JHSC Nordic athletes: the Weenigs, the Mayers, and the Pruzan/Wirths.   Congratulations to all the JHSC nordic participants in the PPP, complete results can be found here.

Prep/Comp Update

While athletes have been running track, playing soccer, alpine skiing, kayaking, and generally recreating, the training season begins again in May!  Prep/Comp athletes will kick off the nordic season with an on-snow training camp in Bend Oregon from May 21-31!  We will be skiing at groomed trails at Mt. Bachelor in the mornings and working on dryland in the afternoons!  We will also head to the Oregon Coast to run along the ocean and rent some surfboards and hope to catch some waves. After Bend camp, organized team training begins again on June 2.  More details about summer training camps and events throughout the summer will come soon!

Cat Campaign Update

Thanks to the generous contributions of the community, we hit a huge milestone for the Cat Campaign this April!  Our old Pisten Bully has been purchased by a dealer and we have committed to purchasing a new machine for next winter!  We have reserved a Prinoth Husky for November 2021, but we still need $60k to complete the purchase and $35k for the maintenance fund!  Huge thanks to everyone who has already donated but we need to keep the momentum going so we can finalize the purchase by August!  Please consider contributing to the Cat Campaign at this link.

2021-22 Season Awards

At the end of the season we take some time to recognize athletes who have given their all to the program throughout the year.  We give out awards to athletes at every level of the JHSC nordic pyramid.  Huge congrats to all of the athletes who earned awards this year:

Carter Gagnon:    Nordic Spirit    Lollipopper Team
Clayton Markman:    Most Improved    Lollipopper Team
Liza Mayer:    Skier of the Year    Lollipopper Team
Tucker Grohne:    Nordic Spirit    Lollipopper Team
Cienna Dvorson:    Most Improved    Lollipopper Team
Knox Masselink:    Skier of the Year    Lollipopper Team
Oliver Fritsch:    Nordic Spirit    Teewinot Team
Taylor Handley:    Nordic Spirit    Teewinot Team
Revi Kleyman:    Most Improved    Teewinot Team
Lukas Fitz:    Most Improved    Teewinot Team
Henry Pirtle:    Tough Cookie    Teewinot Team
Chantal Marie Brower:    Tough Cookie    Teewinot Team
Bowen Von Maur-Newcomb:    Best Attendance    Development Team
Anna Baxter:    Best Attendance    Development Team
Enzo Callari:    Most Improved    Development Team
Callie Cavallaro:    Most Improved    Development Team
Cash Halpin:    Nordic Spirit    Development Team
Tirzah Ellis:    Nordic Spirit    Development Team
Will Baxter:    Nordic Spirit    Junior Team
Teya Paciulli:    Nordic Spirit    Junior Team
Charlie Von Maur-Newcomb:    Most Improved    Junior Team
Lily Remlinger:    Most Improved    Junior Team
Colton Petsch:    Skier of the Year    Junior Team
Sita Yeomans:    Skier of the Year    Junior Team
Alyosha Billimoria:    Most Improved    Prep/Comp Team
Elsie Hall:    Most Improved    Prep/Comp Team
Kate Brigham:    Skier of the Year    Prep/Comp Team
Mason Wheeler:    Skier of the Year    Prep/Comp Team
Chloe Stines:    Med Bennett    Prep/Comp Team
David King:    Med Bennett    Prep/Comp Team

Notable Dates

May 13: JHSC Highway 390 Cleanup - meet at Calico at 3:30 PM to clean up our stretch of the Village Road.  Treats and trash bags will be provided, we should be done by 5:00.

May 21-31: Bend On-Snow Training Camp

June 2: Start of summer team practice for the Prep/Comp team

Student Athlete Support

JHSC is dedicated to providing support to our student athletes. Check out the SAS Newsletter for more information and current events.