March 22nd Grooming Report--Just Another Day In Paradise

March 22nd Grooming Report

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Just Another Day In Paradise

Well done to everyone who managed to spot all three moose in yesterday’s photo! The third was the little bull who still has antlers, and he was barely visible, hidden behind the tree. It’s always good to hone those moose-spotting skills, before you run into them out on the trails! The moose had decided to stay over by the ranch today, so sightings were much more minimal, and the trails should remain a bit less tracked out.

Today’s grooming went atop yet another 3-4 inches of fresh powder, which just keeps on coming. It’s springs like this that make one wonder; what better place is there to live than Jackson Hole, Wyoming? Grooming included a single pass across most trails, with double passes on Moose Loop, Animal Farm, Olympic, Mug’s Meadow, and the Fields, with a few extras thrown in, like a re-grooming of the Stadium, and a pass back through the back loop on Skyview, above Gut Flop, which is a neat little area many people don’t know about.

Groomer’s choice for today is Moose Loop.