July Nordic Newsletter

Prep/Comp Team Update

We had an extremely productive and fun camp in Park City and Moab this past week. Athletes responded well to a very large volume week of training; some of whom put in close to 25 hrs of training! Athletes that stayed home also put in a lot of work to be sure their progression is staying on track. I was in Park City on Wednesday morning before the crew took off to Moab, after which I came back to Jackson to join the evening strength session. Our attendance log shows that 20 athletes made the effort to raise the level of their fitness, technique, and commitment to the sport on that Wednesday. Very impressive!!

After about a month of training under their belts, most of the Comp team athletes are progressing into their Period 2 strength training program. From June through November, Prep and Comp team athletes will progress through 6 period of strength training all of which build upon the previous period. By the time they reach period 6, more we incorporate more plymoteric training, one legged strength and core stability. Each period has it's emphasis as noted below.

Period 1

  • Basic movements
  • Base building
  • Focus on technique
  • Body weight and mobility exercises

Period 2

  • Base building
  • Medium Intensity, High Volume
  • Focus on technique and proficiency
  • Body weight and mobility exercises plus introducing some weighted exercises

Period 3

  • High physical demands
  • High intensity/low volume
  • Emphasis on heavy loading and high intensity exercises
  • High mental energy demands, longer rest periods

Period 4

  • Low intensity/medium volume
  • Low mental energy demands
  • Medium rest periods between sets
  • Emphasis on fundamental for jumping and landing, balance, body control and coordination

Period 5

  • High intensity/medium volume
  • Moderate mental energy demands
  • Medium rest periods between sets
  • Emphasis on single-leg strength and upper body pulling strength, lower 
volume than the General Prep Phase 

Period 6

  • High intensity and low volume
  • High mental energy demands
  • Long rest periods between sets
  • Emphasis on power, explosiveness, and speed while maintaining optimal 
body positions  

General Training Philosophy 

As we progress through our period based yearly training cycle, every monthly training block builds upon itself until we reach the competition period. Within a yearly block we move through 4 different cycles, base endurance, pre competition, competition and recovery. Most of our training takes place in the base endurance phase, while pre competition and competition intensity training prepares the athletes just in time to ski fast. April and part of May signify the recovery months where athletes stay active, but take a mental and physical break from Nordic training.  In every week we touch on a number of different training elements that paint the picture of a complete Nordic athlete while keeping in mind that each week has it's emphasis. Comp team athletes cycle through volume, medium (a healthy balance), intensity, and recovery weeks within one monthly training block. This training philosophy is very similar to the supercomenpsention training model.  

Development/Junior Update

June 25th marks the first summer training session for Development and Junior athletes. Last year was the first year we offered summer training for athletes at this phase of development and the program proved to be successful. In all phases of development, whether we're looking at biological age, physical, mental or social maturation, we're sensitive to the fact that young athletes should be active participants in a variety of sports. The Development and Junior summer training program allows for an opportunity for the the athletes to stay in touch with the sport and coaches, while working on some fundamental skills, including neuromuscular development, very light body weight strength training, some roller skiing, agility, and of course fun and games. 

For more information about how our programs are designed and why we do what we do, see the JHSC Nordic Program Manual.  

If you'd like to learn more about what we focus on with the Development, Junior, Prep and Comp team athletes during the summer months, check out our Summer Training Webpage. In summary, Development training will be on every Monday starting at the Snow King ski club offices beginning at 5:30 . Junior training will be every Monday and Wednesday starting at the Snow King ski club offices beginning at 5:30.

Registration is open at https://register.jhskiclub.org/. There is an option to register for the entire summer for Juniors or you can pay per session as you go. There is only a pay per session option for Development team athletes. Athletes that were on the Teewinot team and graduating to 4th grade are welcome to join the Monday Development training sessions.

Agility at Soldier Hollow Utah Camp

Sam Johson V2 Speed at Soldier Hollow Utah Camp