January Nordic Newsletter

December 2017 has been a month of improvisation for JHSC Nordic. Despite meager snow conditions with less than ideal training terrain, the Prep and Comp team are off to a strong start with some great early season results. Thanks to all of the athletes and parents for being so flexible over the course of the last month with venue changes and making the most of our training opportunities. Another big thanks to the forest service for permitting us to use Phillips Pass during dire times at Trail Creek, without their support we would not have had a backup plan.

With a new year on the horizon and high level competitions just around the corner, JHSC Nordic is rebranding/redefining it's mascot to an eagle! We all love the moose and they are our neighborly friends, but the energy this team embodies calls for a different kind of representing force. In the Native Amrican tradition the eagle signifies courage, wisdom and strength; perfect attributes as the team turns the seasonal corner. A new eagle dreamcatcher will be hung at the Trail Creek cabin and on display at the JHSC race tent during Intermountain qualifers . Dreamcatchers are often used in tradition to help people reach their goals, making good use of their ideas, dreams and visions. They are also said to catch bad dreams and transform them into good dreams.

Races/Events Thus Far

  • The Prep Junior and Comp team had a strong start to the season at the IMD Opener in Bozeman. For a race report and results, check out the latest IMD Opener Article
  • On a modified course,  a strong showing for the Betty Woolsey Classic gave the Nordic community an opportunity to thank local legend Betty Woolsey. Check out the latest article in the JH News & Guide for results and race details.

Current Events

Annabel Hagen is currently competing at the U.S. Cross Country Championships in Anchorage Alaska. Annabel has a chance of pre-qualify for Junior Nationals and qualify for the U.S. Ski & Snowboard U18 Scandiavian trip. The top 6 U18s in the country are selected from 2 of 3 races during the week long series in Anchorage. Aside from team qualification goals, early season experience on the national stage is an excellent developmental step for young up and coming athletes. Thanks to a Jackson Hole Babe Force Scholarship, Annabel is receiving financial aid to help subsidize trip costs. 

Trail Creek Update

Snow is sparse at Trail Creek, but we are in operation. Stay tuned to Steve's grooming report at https://jhskiclub.org/trail-creek. E mail Steve directly at trailcreeknordic@gmail.com to receive the daily grooming report and don't forget to purchase your season pass here

Coaches have been working diligently on shoveling snow onto the trails in the west field below the cabin. If you have the time and desire, shovels will be left on the cabin deck for volunteer shovelers. Volunteer efforts would be greatly appreciate before 1 p.m. in preparation for afternoon team training. 

Lollipopper/Teewinot Update

With the new year comes regular Lollipopper and Teewinot practice on Monday's and Wednesday's. Coach Sevi Hagen is coordinating Lollipopper and Teewinot training for first time participants and 2nd year Teewinots who are making their way through the JHSC developmental ranks. There is still room for new athletes on the Lollipopper team. For more information contact shagen@jhskiclub.org or visit the Lollipopper Page.

With the help of seasoned and new JHSC coaches, Teewinot enrollment is up to 30 athletes. Thanks to committed parents for getting their athletes to training and keeping them engaged in a growing program. At this level we begin to introduce more sport specific fundamentals with the hopes of offering a ski education and introduction to the Nordic lifestyle. 

Development Update

Thanks to Snow King for grooming out a practice field next to the tube park for early season training. The Development team took advantage of this opportunity to feel out their skis and work on technical fundamentals. The team is now training at Trail Creek and adventuring National Forest Trails on early season snow.

Junior Update

Junior team athletes have been patient with the snow conditions and had been cycling through on snow training at Phillips pass and continuing with dry-land athletic fundamentals at Trail Creek. With the little snow we have at Trial Creek, the team is making progress on specific sport movements in concert with the rhythm and timing of skate and classic techniques. Fun, games and adventures remains a cornerstone of the Junior team, and now with training at Trail Creek, more time will be spent on learning through play.

Prep/Comp Update

Most of the Prep/Comp team athletes have had a break from early season racing and have taken the opportunity to get in one more 3 week training block as they prepare for Junior National Qualifiers. A common saying in the Nordic community goes as follows; summer and fall is time to train and winter is time to race. Even though the team continues to make technical and fitness gains on a year round basis, they are nearing their competition period when they hone in on minor technical adjustments and find speed through interval training. Rest and recovery and the concept of the 24 hour athlete take on an entire new meaning as athletes focus in on peak performance in the next couple of months. Stay tuned for race reports and results in the Nordic news feed.

US Nordic Nationals Update: Annabel Hagen skied extremely well in the U18 category; her experience up against U20s and the nation's fastest seniors indicates she's on track to be competitive in the future at an even higher level.