IMD Opener Bozeman


Annabel Hagen 1st

The IMD Opener at Lindley Park in Bozeman posed for an opportunity for many of the JHSC Nordic team athletes to test the waters against their primary competition for the season ahead.  With a unique format, the 3km skate prologue presented a challenge for many athletes as 3km is not the typical distance U16- U20 are used to training for. The distance is between a sprint (1.5km-2k) and a distance (5km-10km) race making pacing and tactics an important factors for the race outcome. The second day of racing also presented a unique format. The 6.6km and 10km classic pursuit style format used 3km skate prologue results as the start list making a cumulative result at the end of the weekend.  Results of the day for the classic distance race were also posted so the athletes could compare their classic result and combined result.

Race Ready. Photo Audrey Hagen

JHSC posted very strong results in both races and turned heads of athletes and coaches from around the region. A few highlight of the weekend include Annabel Hagen's  3rd place in the skate prologue and 1st place in 10km classic, Elijah Weenig's 3rd place (one tenth of a second behind 2nd) in the skate prologue, David King's 3rd place in the 5km classic, and Auroa Stiles' 1st in the skate prologue and 1st in the 2km classic and Lucas Wilmots 3rd place in the 2km classic.  Among these top results, a handful of athletes were in the mix and posted JN qualifying like results. It's quit impressive the team is performing as such with the lack of snow in the valley and skiing on a once per week groomed forest service road! Complete results can be found at

Elijah Weenig. Photo Audrey Hagen

Des Concannon. Photo Audrey Hagen

Chloe Stines. Photo Audrey Hagen

Grant Menolascino. Photo Audrey Hagen